What to Expect in ESO in 2018

Elder Scrolls Online had a quite a year in 2017 and it looks like in 2018, they’re not letting up. We’ve already had a  preview of the first DLC they’re bringing out this year and yes, it’s full of content for everyone! But first, let’s take a quick look at the Directors Letter.

Game Director Letter: ESO in 2017 and Beyond

ESO’s Game Director, Matt, reflected on the year that was and gave us a few hints at what we could expect in 2018.

Here’s what we know about what we’re getting in 2018 so far.

  • Three brand new DLC’s.
  • A brand new full Chapter.

He hinted also that we’ll get to go to some highly-requested areas.

We’re not slowing down, at all. There’s so much to do and explore in Tamriel, and we are very excited to take you to some highly-requested areas next year.

He also teased the first DLC for the year, Dragon Bones which has a Nord-based theme. You can read more about the DLC in the next section of this article.

As the name implies, it is Nord-based in theme, with each of the two dungeons expanding upon the lore of that region.

Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17 – February 2018

Teased at the end of the year (2017), the first DLC for 2018, titled ‘Dragon Bones’ and Update 17 will be released in February.

The Update and DLC include:

  • Two new Dungeons
  • Outfit System
  • Level Up Advisor and Skills Advisor
  • Housing Storage
  • Combat Improvements
  • Two new Battlegrounds
New Dungeons

There are two new Dungeons arriving in the Dragon Bones DLC.

  • Scalecaller Peak
  • Fang Lair

Teases of both Dungeons were provided in the Preview Article.

In Scalecaller Peak, the burial site of a long-dead Dragon Priest is now overrun with diseased cultists harboring an evil agenda: to unleash the deadliest plague Tamriel has ever known. You and your team must journey to Scalecaller Peak, battle your way through the cultists and their followers, and put an end to this threat.

Deep within the belly of Fang Lair, an ancient Dwarven ruin, a master of necromancy works a dark ritual in an effort to reanimate the bones of a once-living dragon. It’s up to you and your companions to enter the dungeon, face the necromancers, and stop the ritual before this undead monstrosity can be unleashed on Tamriel.

Both Dungeons will be available in:

  • Normal Mode
  • Veteran Mode
  • Veteran Hard Mode (final bosses only)

Rewards include:

  • New items and Monster Sets
  • Collectables
  • Achievements
  • Renegade Dragon Priest Mask (simply for entering the Dungeon)

Outfit System

With Update 17 comes the Outfit System being introduced to the base game.

The existing Dye Stations are being changed into Outfit Stations that will allow you to customise just about any aspect of your character’s appearance regardless of equipped gear.

With the Outfit System, you can change the appearance of your equipment to reflect any of your known crafting styles by visiting an Outfit Station (formerly known as Dye Stations). Whether you’re wearing Light, Medium, or Heavy armor, you’ll be able to alter its appearance, allowing you to always look your very best – and exactly how you want.

You’ll have access to one outfit per character you can customise with gold. If you want more outfits or to change an existing outfit, you’ll have to buy Outfit Change Tokens and additional Outfit Slots from the Crown Store.

Level Up Advisor and Skills Advisor

ESO is introducing a new Level Up Advisor system and Skills Advisor tool.

With the Level Up Advisor, every time one of your characters gains a level, you will receive gameplay tips and useful rewards. These rewards will include gold, crafting materials, and consumables, and certain key leveling milestones will even reward you with a new mount or a Crown Crate!

Home Storage

A highly requested feature, home storage will be introduced in Update 17. It will allow you to acquire Unique Collectables which you’ll be able to sue to store items in your homes freeing up inventory and bag space.

You’ll be able to acquire these Unique Collectables in-game or purchase them from the Crown Store.

Combat Improvements

Not many specifics were given in this section except for making it easier for players to identify and activate ability synergies. Expect more Combat Improvement information from the upcoming PTS Patch notes.

Finally, we’re making a host of changes and improvements to some of the game’s combat mechanics, including making it easier to identify and activate ability synergies.

New Battlegrounds

Two new Battlegrounds will are being released as part of this DLC.

  • Mor Khazgur
  • Deeping Drome

Descriptions for each Battleground:

Long-time Elder Scrolls fans might recognize Mor Khazgur as the location of an Orc stronghold in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In ESO’s time, the stronghold has already been at the center of countless Second Era conflicts, and right now, perhaps fittingly, it is the setting for particularly vicious arena battles.

In addition to Mor Khazgur, we’re introducing the dark caverns of the Deeping Drome. In this long-forgotten Dwarven ruin, you’ll carefully navigate claustrophobic pathways filled with the bones of would-be champions. This new arena is built for deadly ambushes and stealthy playstyles, so watch your back!

Note that Battlegrounds require the Morrowind Expansion in order to play.

Expect to find out more about the Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17 when they go live on the PTS. Once it is live on the PTS, look for the patch notes in the PTS forums.

The year has barely started yet, we already have a lot to look forward to from ESO!

What are you looking forward to the most in the Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17?


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