Princely Dawnlight Palace Preview

The Princely Dawnlight Palace was one of the new homes that was on Update 17 PTS. It is currently unknown when it will be released on live servers.

Basic Information

  • Redguard Theme
  • Notable Home
  • Available Unfurnished and Furnished
  • Gold and Crown costs are currently unknown.


Hew’s Bane – Abah’s Landing

House Entrance 

House Map

Here’s a closeup of the Palace.

Palace Courtyard

The Palace Courtyard is an almost fully enclosed space featuring a swimming pool, a reflection pool, pergolas and water fountains. The Southeast portion features a series of stairs which leads down to the Ocean. The walls surrounding the courtyard have a rampant on the top that is accessible. Note: you can click on the smaller images to enlarge them!

Entrance – West Side 

Swimming Pool

Refection Pool

Grand Ocean Stairway – East Side


Palace Interior

The interior of the palace features two grand staircases, a grand central room with water fountains and two rooms on the lower floor. The upper floor overlooks the large central room for the most part but has two rooms. There are two entrances to the Palace one on the South-West side that opens to one of the Staircases the other one on the South-East side which is flanked by two rooms and leads to the large, central room.


South-East Entrance.


North East Staircase Furnished.

Large Central Room

Central Room Entrance.

Downstairs Rooms

Upstairs Rooms



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  1. Wow this is a beauty. I love the deserty feel. Hundig’s is my fave in game currently but this seems to have a lot of those same special features with a more convenient location for doing writs, training your mounts, etc. Will you be doing previews of the other upcoming homes?

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