Coldharbour Surreal Estate Preview

The Coldharbour Surreal Estate is one of the new homes coming to Elder Scrolls Online.

Basic Information

  • Coldharbour/Daedric Theme.
  • Notable Home.
  • Available Unfurnished only.
  • Requires ‘The God of Schemes’ Achievement.
  • Costs:
    • 1,000,000 Gold
    • 5,600 Crowns.


Coldharbour – The Hollow City

The house itself is a Plateau above Coldharbour north of The Hollow City. The entrance portal to get to the Plateau is located on the outskirts of The Hollow City.

House Entrance Portal Screenshot

Located near the ‘Fighters Guild’ in The Hollow City.

House location in Coldharbour.

House Map

This house doesn’t have its own map.


The entrance to the Estate is a Daedric portal.


The large flat expanse in the centre of the Estate is the main feature. Otherwise, there’s not much else beyond the random dead trees and spikes which border the Plateau.

Central flat expanse.
At the edge of Plateau looking towards the Flat Expanse and Entrance.


The view down from the Plateau.


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