Spring 2018 Road Map Predictions and Wishlist

The next Road Map for Star Wars The Old Republic is due to be published within the next couple of weeks. Keith Kanneg, SWTOR’s Game Producer, confirmed last month that they were actively working on the Road Map and revealed roughly when to expect it.

Eric Musco, SWTOR’s Community Manager, also recently gave an update on what was happening with the Road Map and what the Developers are up to.

As for what is going to be in the Road Map, the Developers are understandably remaining tight-lipped. But we can surmise a few things based on the previous Road Map as well as major points of discussion from last year (Companion Returns).

Fall Road Map

Based on some of the hints we got from the Fall 2017 Road Map, we can pretty confidently say that we will get some elaboration on the following things (assuming they haven’t changed up their schedules).

A Look Ahead to Early 2018

And, just a few tidbits about what’s right around the corner:

  • The conclusion to this chapter of the story is coming where the Traitor reveals his true plan once and for all via a new Flashpoint.
  • The final bosses and details about Master Mode for ‘Gods from the Machine’ Operation.
  • An upgraded Conquest system and new Daily Activity system with great rewards.
  • More multiplayer gameplay experiences for both PvP and PvE.
Gods of the Machine Operation

We are now only one Boss short of a complete Operation! The final boss will be Izax. We’ll likely hear about when we can expect him to come out and possibly mention of when we’re going to get the Master Mode (NiM) version of the Operation.

Theron Story Arc Conclusion

For those anxiously awaiting to see his fate, we should hopefully learn exactly when it will be or if not a rough idea of when to expect it. Some hints of future story plans beyond this arc would be a nice bonus.

Upgraded Conquest System

Hopefully, we’ll learn what this will all be about. But any improvements made to the system to help smaller Guilds be more competitive would be appreciated. Some new objectives to do for Conquest certainly wouldn’t hurt either or even increasing points acquired for content that’s less played (World Boss kills, GSF). In reality, it could be something as simple as a UI change and/or a couple of new Quality of Life tweaks.

Also considering the issues they’ve been having with distributing Conquest Rewards of late, they could possibly end up incorporating some kind of brand new method of rewards delivery (if they have the means).

New Daily Activity System with great rewards

While we did recently have an overhaul of the Group Finder UI in Game Update 5.6, the Fall Road Map seems to indicate that there could there be more stuff incoming. In the Fall Road Map, Keith did outline 5.6 Group Finder changes while also mentioning this new Daily Activity System in the ‘Look Ahead’ section.

From the Fall Road Map:

This is indeed what we got in Game Update 5.6. Since the Daily Activity System is mentioned separately from the new Activity Finder UI we got in 5.6, I believe it’s safe to say that it’ll be some kind of brand new additional thing and/or it could be tied into the upcoming Conquest System Changes.

More Multiplayer Gameplay Experiences for both PvP and PvE

There might be some elaboration on this, but realistically it’s quite vague and could refer to just about anything. I highly doubt, for instance, that they’ll be mentioning a new Warzone so soon after just releasing a new one. It’s likely we’ll be getting another Flashpoint (as this is how the story is delivered presently) at the very least.

Companion Returns

On the Fall Road Map Developer Livestream (starts ~5:40), Charles Boyd revealed that they were working on, at the time, the stories for the return of nearly all Companions who are still ‘missing’ as well as an Arcann Romance arc. Since then, voice work has also been done for, what we can gather, companion returns as evidenced by tweets from Charles Boyd and a couple of Voice Actors. Also in Bad Feeling Podcast Episode 183, Cinematics Designer Katie Johnson (starts ~26:18) mentions that she got to work on Companion Return Cinematics and talked about working on cinematics for Arcann’s Romance Arc.

All this information put together means that it is inevitable that the Arcann Romance and a lot of remaining Companion returns will happen in 2018. We recently had three Companion Returns in Game Update 5.7. All of these were Class-based and it seems to be how they’re going to handle at least the remaining romanceable companion returns.

So hopefully we’ll learn some specifics about Companion returns (at least the ones that may be scheduled over the next few months) and when we’ll get to see Arcann’s Romance Arc.

What I’d like to see on the Roadmap

Here are some of the things I’d like to see at least mentioned in the Road Map but highly doubt will be. Let’s call it a wishlist.

The end date for Season 9 of Ranked PvP

I mean this could be in the Road Map. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

8 v 8 Ranked

Yes, I’m still keeping the dream alive. Obviously, if 8 v 8 were to come back, it’d have to be implemented differently to how it was and have a solo queue option for starters.

Class Balance Changes

Yeah, I know…

Open World PvP Content and Incentives
  • Greater rewards for doing Dailies in the PvP Instance.
  • Adding Titles to existing Open World PvP Achievements (think Oricon) like they should’ve done with Iokath.
  • Mimic the Gree Event Dailies in other parts of the galaxy and rotate them around with unique achievements and rewards for each location.
  • A chance of getting a small amount of Unassembled Components for killing a player. I think having it only a chance (albeit a small one) decreases the likelihood of farming tactics.

Just some random ideas.

Weapons in Outfit Designer

They previously discussed wanting to do this. But, last we heard it got put on the back burner.

New Guild Features 
  • A Guild Calendar.
  • Mass mailing system for Guild Masters.
  • Being able to see chat of each Guild you’re in regardless of faction.
  • Guild achievement score system that unlocks bonus CXP and XP grants for content, or just bonus CXP grants for group content etc.

Anything to make being a part of a Guild more meaningful.

A new Event

I recently commented on Twitter about how stale the current line up of cyclical Events (Gree, Rakghoul, Bounty Contract) are. A new Event would definitely be a very welcome change from the current drag.

A new Stronghold

There are plenty of locations and places in the game to inspire more Strongholds.

  • Alderaan Palace – Who doesn’t want their own Alderaan Castle with gorgeous grounds and a vast interior inspired by House Organa and House Thul to make their own?
  • Dread Palace – The Dread Master’s home, sounds great right? You could turn it into your very own humble abode full of death and decay or kittens and rainbows (I’m not one to judge). This would make a great reward for Raiders and something that could be gradually obtained by everyone else.
  • Rishi Private Island –  A nice Pirate hideaway on your own private island with waterfalls, streams, beaches, maybe even a cave with Grophets and Orobirds wondering around. Retirement bliss.
  • Copero Villa – A lovely Chiss Villa with breathtaking ocean and mountain views, palm trees, a hot spring, sounds lovely right?

Are you looking forward to the Road Map? What would you like to see on it?

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