Bad Feeling Podcast’s SX SWTOR Meetup

Bad Feeling Podcast is hosting another Star Wars The Old Republic Meetup! This time, in Austin, Texas aptly named SX SWTOR!

  • When: Saturday 10th March
  • Where: The Brass Tap, The Domain
  • Start Time: 6 pm

It will be an informal gathering, featuring beer and nibbles, to geek out about the game that takes up every second of our waking lives!

And yes, I will be in attendance with my other half. Twitch Streamer TankMikeGolf and Podcaster/Streamer Sechari will also be there!

Eric Musco, the Community Manager for SWTOR, confirmed on Bad Feeling Podcast Episode 190 that he will be in attendance (with swag!). Charles Boyd, Creative Director for SWTOR, has also confirmed on Twitter that he will be in attendance. A couple of other Developers may also show up, guess you’ll have to wait and see!

If you live in Austin or closeby come and hang out with us and even if you live far away, come all the same!

I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you there!

Xam Xam

Owner of MMO Bits, and formerly the owner of Xam Xam Says, Xam Xam is an Aussie who has been playing MMO's for nearly 10 years and can't get enough of them. She mainly plays Healing Classes but will also DPS and reluctantly Tank (if she has one). She prefers to PvP but doesn't mind doing all the other 'MMO bits' as well.

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