Calling all Thieves and Assassins! The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild Celebration Event has returned!

Head to Hew’s Bane and the Gold Coast for double or increased rewards for a variety of unscrupulous activities!

  • Double reward drops for defeating World Bosses
  • Double reward drops for defeating Delve bosses
  • Double Defiled Whiskers drops from Maw of Lorkhaj bosses
  • Increased rewards for completing Heists
  • Increased rewards for completing Sacraments
  • Double harvesting resources from regular crafting nodes (not nodes from Survey Reports)

Note that the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood repeatable quests do not have bonus rewards during the event period.

The Event starts Thursday 1st March and ends Monday 12th March 10 am EDT.

Whether you stalk the shadows alone or lead a crack team of fellow rogues, the rewards surely outweigh the risks during the celebration event.

Event Tips

World Boss and Delve Dailies

For Delves and World Bosses located on the Gold Coast, there are Dailies you can pick up. However, you can only pick up one Daily per day of each type (one Delve Daily and one World Boss Daily).

You can pick up the Dailies at the following locations:

Anvil – Delve Daily (outside Enrick’s Public House)

Kvatch – World Boss Daily (Trader’s Circle between Bank and Den)

However, the Dailies are shareable! But you can only have one of each type of Daily (one Delve Daily and one World Boss Daily) at any one time. So if you have one of the dailies, you can then share it with someone who does not have a daily. Then, they can pick up the other Daily and share it with you.

For the most part, people do form groups to share the World Boss Dailies fairly regularly. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing both World Boss Dailies.

World Boss Loot Parameters

Both Hew’s Bane and the Gold Coast have two World Bosses each. With a large number of players around, the Bosses typically die within 10 seconds at the most.

Unfortunately only those in the top (10-12?) DPS get loot from the Boss. For those who can’t get top DPS, it’s only really worth doing the Gold Coast World Bosses to complete the Dailies.

Delve Boss Farming

If you find you’re not able to get any loot from the World Bosses, a better alternative is to farm Delve Bosses. There are typically fewer people around meaning you will get loot!

Sacraments and Heists

These are definitely a good way to get loot especially for more solo inclined players (and those who have trouble getting loot from World Bosses)! Even if you completely fail the bonus parameters you still get a decent amount of loot and a good chance of getting a Motif. 

You can pick up Heists from the Thieves Den in Abah’s Landing (Hew’s Bane) and Sacraments from the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary on the Gold Coast. Note, you can only complete one Heist and one Sacrament per day.

Mat Farming

Even with a lot more players around, you should still find a decent amount of Mats. One way to make finding Mats a little easier (and a good alternative to using skill points on Keen Eye passives) is the HarvestMap Addon. It gives you the option to have pins show up in the world indicating where Mats typically spawn. You can choose which types of Mats you see so you don’t have to see them all if you don’t want.


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