My Dream Rishi Stronghold

Some of you probably know that I have wanted a Stronghold on Rishi for a very long time! Well, now that is finally becoming a reality! Charles Boyd revealed in his and Eric Musco’s recent interview with Vulkk that the next Stronghold (possibly coming out in Game Update 5.10 in July) will be located on Rishi.

Here are some elements I hope are included in the Rishi Stronghold.

Setting – Private Island

Like, come on? Surely there’s a nice, sizeable island we can call home with our names written on it somewhere on Rishi? With a nice tall mountain (and maybe even a Volcano), some beaches, caves, waterfalls and streams. Plus a nice large compound with views to die for worthy of any Pirate Queen or King! I don’t ask for much do I?

Lighting – Daytime 

Since the game doesn’t have day and night cycles, I’d like to see this Stronghold be set at daytime ideally in the morning before midday or even earlier like after dawn or something.

Waterfalls and Streams

Yes, I want waterfalls and streams (plural) throughout the island.


Well, this is a no-brainer! There better be some decorating hooks on at least two of them. At least.


Because…pirates? Also would be where the ‘house’ (or compound) is located with some docks.


Yes, a cave system that’s also part of our compound (modelled after Revanite one perhaps?). There also needs to be at least one cave entrance hidden behind a waterfall.


Yes, a nice multistory compound in a mountain overlooking a cove with a cave system that links it all over the island. Maybe even an internal waterfall with a stream would be awesome. There has to be at least one large opening to the cove and some hidden away openings higher up with breathtaking views.


Yes, I want actual NPC Wildlife wondering around the island. It can be unkillable ‘green’ NPC’s (Grophets, Orobirds etc.) that’s fine. I just want the island to feel more alive!

I am very, very excited to see what they’ve come up with for the Rishi Stronghold! Rishi is my favourite planet in the game and what made me love the Shadow of Revan Expansion. It is sadly so underutilised so I’m glad we’re getting a Stronghold there. Hopefully, in time, they’ll give us more things to do on Rishi (something as simple as giving the existing Dailies a Weekly Mission would be great).

Of course, I’m not going to get my hopes up that all the elements I want will be included. But I’m sure they’ve come up with something pretty awesome! The Rishi Stronghold I’ve envisioned would be easily worth over 20 Million Credits and would be bigger than the Yavin Stronghold. That is the scale I hope they go for with the Rishi Stronghold. Afterall, they seem pretty determined to give us more Credit sinks and Player Housing is an excellent one.

Are you excited for the Rishi Stronghold? Let me know in the Comments below or on Twitter.

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