Sunhold Public Dungeon Guide

A Guide to the Sunhold Public Dungeon located in the southern part of Summerset. Those who have soloed other Public Dungeons located throughout Tamriel should have no trouble soloing this Public Dungeon.


Numbers denote specific boss locations. Details below.


  • Quest Name – ‘Sunhold Sundered
  • Quest Giver – Kinlady Helenaere
  • Quest Giver Location – Inside the Dungeon close to the entrance.


There are five champions (bosses) plus one Group Event Boss to kill to get the achievements. All of these bosses are soloable for more experienced players. Note numbers indicate the location of each boss on the map above.

1 – Welkadra

This boss has a periodic frontal cone AOE attack they do so keep moving if soloing to avoid it or have someone tank it away from everyone else.

2 – Shipbreaker

Probably the hardest of the five champions. They do a periodic AOE attack on themselves which you must roll dodge out of ASAP if in melee range or you will likely be one shot.

3 – The Pyandonean Wind

4 – Captain Quergura

5 – Kolondir the Demon

Sunhold Group Event – Konnugil the Leviathan

Kill the initial mobs standing around. Then the boss will come down with two adds. Kill the adds then focus the boss. He’ll do an attack fairly regularly where he jumps in the air, then lands typically where you are (or were) standing so move around fairly regularly to avoid it or roll dodge.


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