Keith Confirms late June PTS plus more Rishi Stronghold Details

Keith came onto the forums today to respond to some of the queries players had about the newly released Summer Road Map.

The most intriguing detail was the revelation, hinted on the Road Map, that we’ll be getting ‘access to the changes on PTS‘ to test the upcoming PvP changes and the new Stronghold in late June.

Here are some additional caveats Keith revealed about the new Stronghold!

  • Stronghold Acquisition – you’ll be able to acquire it the same as any other Stronghold by purchasing it on the Fleet (and probably the Cartel market too). So no, there isn’t a PvP component to acquiring this Stronghold.
  • Guild Purchase – yes, Guilds will be able to purchase this Stronghold.
  • PvP designated areas – there will be PvP designated areas within the Stronghold that will have hooks you can customise with any decorations. But you’ll be able to use the decorations to block line of sight, create barriers and even set up chairs for others to observe the action.
  • It has a fun beach area…
  • It’s a very large Stronghold.

I’m personally very much looking forward to checking out the Rishi Stronghold along with all the other PvP changes on the PTS!

Are you excited about the new Stronghold and upcoming PvP changes? Let me know in the Comments below or on Twitter!

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