Initial Rishi Hideout Feedback and Impressions

I also posted this on the PTS Forums but have added a couple of additional things to this article.

If you haven’t already you can review my Rishi Hideout Guide which includes some handy maps!

Now that I have some time, I thought I’d offer my perspective of Rishi Hideout as both a PvPer and avid Stronghold decorator (yes, you can like both lol).

Overall I have to say I am very impressed with this Stronghold, it far exceeded my expectations. It’s not perfect but it is so much better then what I was expecting. It captures the feel of Rishi perfectly! It certainly has that Raiders Cove feel plus some ‘Ravagers’ thrown in for some good old 3.0 nostalgia.


This area is overall quite nice, the beach is nice, the island is cute but needs more hooks. And Speedy, what a wonderful edition!

A couple things though. First of all, Waterfalls. Where are the waterfalls? We need waterfalls!!!

Secondly, I’d like to see a platform/ramp thing in front of the PvP area so folks don’t have to walk through the PvP area (pictured in the link below).

Cove Expansion

It certainly has that shanty town feel and I like it but I would also like to see a building added (as others have asked also) that is exactly like the Blaster’s Path Cantina in Rishi Cove. A more clean-cut building in this area would be nice.

Oh, and they could add some waterfalls in this area too.

Blaster’s Path Cantina in Rishi Cove

Patrol Carrier

This was a very unexpected and welcome surprise and I love it!

The various rooms and the Sky Deck are all great and very versatile. But, would it hurt to get rid of some of the trash piles? I don’t mind the Hideout/Cove area looking a little dirty but my ship? Yeah, that’s got to be clean! Especially the deck!

PvP Area – Patrol Carrier

I really love what you guys have come up with for this space! A scoreboard with huttball and deathmatch modes? Very impressive and unprecedented (even if it is currently a little buggy).

Now about hook placement. I understand why the hook layout is limited for the Arena layout but could they add some more hooks? Like you can add more hooks and not have them get in the way of the Training Area decoration. This would give us a lot more customisability with the area. Oh and if they end up making more decorations similar to the Training Area one it wouldn’t hurt to have more hooks anyway (to take into account different ramp/platform configurations).

The biggest downside by far with this area is the lack of a spectator area. A simple solution would be to remove the security fence in the north part behind the scoreboard (pictured in the link below) and replace it with a forcefield (like the pinkish ones in the Hideout PvP area).

Ditch the fence!

PvP Area – Hideout

Overall this a nice area great for smaller scale combat and there’s plenty of hooks which is nice. My only issue is the lack of hooks in the spectator area particularly in the area indicated in the image below. I mean we want our spectators to be able to sit down and enjoy the show, right?


Someone suggested on the forums that they should change the lighting, I think that’s a great idea! I personally prefer Rishi with a daytime lighting with blue sky and such. I really think this Stronghold would look considerably better with a daytime lighting!

Again, I am quite impressed with this Stronghold. Just a bit of tinkering here and there (and adding some waterfalls of course!) would help immensely.  It certainly has a lot of potential and I’m very much looking forward to playing around with decorations and such.

Oh, and they need to sort out mounting in the PvP areas. It’s quite inconsistent as quite a few others have noted. Realistically we shouldn’t be able to mount in these areas at all and yet we can. Probably not a good thing for Huttball…

I am very much looking forward to seeing what they do with the Rishi Hideout later in the week!

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