Grand Psijic Villa House Preview

Here is my preview of the Grand Psijic Villa. A new home available October 10th to everyone who owns Summerset and logs into Elder Scrolls Online by October 7th for FREE! This was part of the Summerfall Community Event.


  • Location – Artaeum
  • Style – Old and New Altmer
  • House Type – Notable Home
  • Cost –
    • Unfurnished: FREE!

Loadscreen and Description

When Artaeum was “removed” from Tamriel, a few neighbouring isles went with it, including the site of the Grand Psijic Villa, a monumental estate with magnificent views of the south coast of the main island.


Villa Location on Artaeum




Here is a collection of screenshots of the Villa.

Entrance Area
Northern Outdoor Area
Southern Outdoor Area
Villa Entrance Hall and Throne Room

Note: This house is coming unfurnished only (on the Wolfhunter PTS you could get it furnished).

Front Rooms
Back Room and Suites

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