Not So Speedy Achievement and Horrible Person Title Acquisition Guide

Guide on how to complete the ‘Not So Speedy‘ Achievement and get the ‘Horrible Person‘ Legacy Title.

The achievement is located in Legacy –> Strongholds –> General Stronghold.

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  • Completion of Eckard Lokin Alliance Alert which can only be completed during the Rakghoul Event.
    • To get the Lokin Alliance Alert, you need to complete Chapter 9 of KOTFE.
      • If you have not started KOTFE, you can start KOTET and that will unlock all of the KOTFE chapters. That way, you only have to do Chapter 9.
      • You will also have to do the initial Alliance Alert to get Yuun as a Companion before you will be able to get the Lokin Alliance Alert.
  • Purchase the Rishi Hideout Stronghold. The initial unlock cost will give you access to the area needed to complete the achievement.

Travel to Odessen 

The best way to do this is to use a companion who is located on Odessen (ie. Lokin, Aygo). Select a Companion than click ‘Travel to Contact‘.

If you have issues entering the Alliance Camp Headquarters (ie. the personal phase ‘door’ is red), start KOTFE Chapter 9 and do it up to the ‘Relax in the Cantina‘ step. That way you’ll be able to get to where you need to go to inside the Alliance Headquarters.

Get Scritchy
Green Square – approx Lokin & Thranta Meat Snack Box Location, Yellow Square – approx Rak-Caddy Location.

You’ll find Lokin in the Military Hangar. Click on ‘Thranta Meat Snack Box‘ located on the console near Lokin.

Then click on the Rak-Caddy located next to a ramp close by. Doing so will place the meat in the Caddy.

Scritchy will then excitedly approach the Caddy.

Once Scritchy is inside the Caddy munching on the meat, click on the Caddy again to seal him inside.

The Caddy will then be available for transport (you don’t need to do anything else here!).

Travel to your Rishi Hideout Stronghold

You will find the Rak-Caddy, with Scritchy inside, on the Landing Platform of your Rishi Stronghold.

Release Scritchy from the Caddy (by clicking on it).

Leave your Rishi Stronghold.

Re-enter you Rishi Stronghold and go to the northern end of the Beach. Click on the ‘Not So Speedy’ Bones.

You will then be granted the Achievement ‘Not So Speedy‘ and the Legacy Title ‘Horrible Person‘.

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  1. Thank you for this guide, but I think.i have encountered a glitch. I managed to get up to the “get Scitchy” part, bit every time I select the transaction meat, rhe rak-caddy is nowhere to be found. I have restarted the game a few times to no avail. Am I doing something wrong?

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