Summerset OST Available Now on Music Streaming Services

At last! Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset OST has finally been released!

It is available now on multiple music streaming services including Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes.

Announced in Twitch chat of the recent Wolfhunter Developer Dungeon Run Live Stream it features 14 tracks in total and was composed primarily by Brad Derrick.

  • Even Paradise Has Shadows
  • Sun-Blessed Alinor
  • Gryphons Soar in the Sun
  • Dusk Song of the High Elves
  • Here Be Wonders
  • Masque of Reveries
  • Isles of the Starry Dream
  • From Abysses Below and Beyond
  • Spires Rise to the Sky
  • Spires on Eton Nir
  • The Lullaby of Praxis 
  • The Glory of Certainty
  • Past Defines the Future
  • Three Hearts Afire

Here is the Soundtrack in full via Spotify.

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