My Tour of Bioware Austin

Now that I’m getting more settled back home again, I figure it’s about time I tell you all a little about this ominous tweet.

Yes, I went to Bioware Austin.

Eric Musco, the Community Manager for Star Wars The Old Republic was kind enough to give my Boyfriend and I a tour of the studio before we moved back to Australia.

Musco and Charles Boyd, Creative Director for SWTOR, showed us around. I can’t really say much about the tour itself as we did sign an NDA. But I will say that we saw a lot of desks and computers, meeting rooms, art and the usual assortment of office like things.

I also got to meet Keith Kanneg, SWTOR’s Lead Game Producer or ‘Papa Keith’ is his affectionately known by some players.

Things were discussed of course throughout the tour, but again, I can not tell you guys about that. But you all should be hearing some things over the next couple of months!

I very much enjoyed the experience and am very thankful to Musco and Charles for giving us a tour and to Keith for being awesome!

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