ESO’s Bethesda Days Community Livestream – Murkmire & Update 20 Details!

Elder Scroll Online’s Bethesda Days Community Livestream has concluded and boy did we learn a bunch of stuff about the Murkmire DLC and Update 20!

Rich Lambert (Creative Director), Mike Finnegan (Dungeon Lead) and Brian Wheeler (PvP Lead Designer), Gina Bruno and Jess Folsom (Community Managers) were in attendance.

I live-tweeted the Stream on Twitter! Here is a link to the start of the thread or you can read it all for yourself below.

To summarise here’s the main stuff discussed:

  • Murkmire Zone & Story
    • Similar size/scope as Clockwork City.
    • Includes usual zone trappings such as Skyshards, delves etc.
    • Argonian Lore focus.
    • The story is basically a treasure hunt, has an ‘Indiana Jones’ vibe.
  • Blackrose Prison Arena
    • 4-player.
    • 5 Arenas in total.
    • Group-oriented powerups.
  • PvP – Changes to Cyrodiil
    • Destroyable bridges, walls – not claimable but repairable with new kit type.
    • 3 new outposts.
  • QoL
    • Housing Improvements
      • Decoration Grouping System.
      • Undo and Redo options for decoration placement.
    • CC Changes – rearchitected how it works in the back end.
    • Character Reordering on Character Select Screen.
  • ESO Plus Improvements
    • Increase to Monthly Crown Grant.
    • A special part of Crown store where you can get (pick?) one free item a month.

PTS for Murkmire and Update 20 will go up on the week of September 17!

You can watch the stream in full for yourself here –

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