Character Re-ordering on Character Select Screen coming in Update 20

In Update 20, we’ll be able to reorder our characters on the character select screen however we see fit.

All you have to do is select a character, then click on the arrows to move them up or down on the list.

Finally, I can have all my Pact characters on top and my Dominion and Covenant characters on the bottom.

For more details on Update 20 and the Mirkmire DLC, you can read my Murkmire and Update 20 PTS Patch Note Highlights article!

Xam Xam

Owner of MMO Bits, and formerly the owner of Xam Xam Says, Xam Xam is an Aussie who has been playing MMO's for nearly 10 years and can't get enough of them. She mainly plays Healing Classes but will also DPS and reluctantly Tank (if she has one). She prefers to PvP but doesn't mind doing all the other 'MMO bits' as well.

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