Update 20 Cyrodiil Changes Guide

There are a number of changes coming to Cyrodiil in Update 20. Here’s a detailed write-up of what’s happening with plenty of screenshots and maps! Click on any image to enlarge it!

PTS Patch Notes

Cyrodiil Destructible Bridges & Milegates


Bridges and Milegates in Cyrodiil can now be destroyed and repaired!


  • Each of these structures have three pieces with several stages of destruction for each.
  • New UI icons have been added to the map which detail the current state of these structures, much like Keep status icons.
  • These structures are permanently neutral, and can be damaged and repaired by all Alliances.
  • New Repair Kits have been added to Siege merchants to specifically repair just Milegates and Bridges.
    • Note that repairing a Bridge or Milegate does not grant Alliance Points.


New Map

Here is the new Map of Cyrodiil.

New Icons

Here are the new icons and what the mean at a glance.

Bridge Passable
Bridge Destroyed
Bridge Passable but Under Attack
Milegate Passable
Center Milegate ‘Piece’ Destroyed
Milegate Destroyed
Milegate Passable but Under Attack

You can also hover over an icon for additional info. For example:

New Outposts

There are three new Outposts located in Cyrodiil, one for each faction.

  • Harlun’s Outpost – located north of Drakelowe Keep (Pact).
  • Winter’s Peak Outpost – located east of Fort Dragonclaw (Covenant) right near cave entrance to Pact Territory.
  • Carmala Outpost – located north of Castle Brindle (Dominion) right near cave entrance to Covenant Territory.

Harlun’s Outpost

Harlun’s has a bit of flat, open space at the front for siege but has limited room on the sides and back to put up siege. Here are some screenshots of Harlun’s Outpost.

Winter’s Peak Outpost

Winter’s Peak as it the top of a hill but can be sieged somewhat easily from all three sides. Here are some screenshots of Winter’s Peak Outpost.

Carmala Outpost

Camala Outpost is sunken into the ground and has low walls flanking it on it’s east and west sides perfect for setting siege on. The flat front is also primed for good siege setup. Here are some screenshots of Carmala Outpost.

New Repair Kits

New Repair Kits have been introduced to repair Bridges and Milegates. They can be purchased from any Siege Merchant for 90 Gold or 300 Alliance Points each. Repairing Milegates or Bridges DOES NOT reward Alliance Points.


Bridges are now destroyable in Cyrodiil. There are three bridges that cross the Niben River between Pact and Dominion Territory.

  • Alessia Bridge – located between Sejanus Outpost and Castle Alessia.
  • Niben River Bridge – located between Cropsford and Castle Faregyl.
  • Bay Bridge – located between Cropsford and Castle Bloodmayne.

Bridges are composed of three pieces, two Bridge Houses and the Bridge Walkway. Each piece is completely destroyable. However, you only need to destroy the walkway to make the bridge impassable. Each component has 410k hitpoints.

Some notes:

  • To make a bridge passable, you only have to repair it to ~108k HP.
  • To make a bridge impassable, you have to completely destroy the Bridge Walkway (0 HP).
Bridge Walkway passable.
Bridge Repair

Aim for the edge of the Bridge Walkway to repair it. Each kit repairs bridge for 8k.

Niben River Goat Trail

Even with all the Bridges destroyed, there is still a way to get across the Niben River, a ‘Goat Trail’. It is located between the Niben and Bay Bridges by the Lunar Fang Docks (yes, right by that Skyshard). It is basically a narrow mishmash of boardwalks.

Here are a bunch of screenshots of the Goat Trail.

The Pact side of the River has a bunch of spots where you can put siege up which easily reaches the trail. I have screenshots of some of the spots below.


Milegates are also now destroyable in Cyrodiil. There are a total of six Milegates. Three between Pact and Covenant Territory and three between Covenant and Dominion Territory.

Pact and Covenant

  • Kingscrest Milegate – located between Kingscrest Keep and Winter’s Peak Outpost.
  • Horuun Milegate – located between Kingscrest Keep and Winter’s Peak Outpost.
  • Chalman Milegate – located between Castle Chalman and Bleaker’s Outpost.

Covenant and Dominion

  • Chorrol Milegate – located between Fort Rayles and Carmala Outpost.
  • Priory Milegate – located between Fort Rayles and Carmala Outpost
  • Ash Milegate – located between Fort Ash and Nickel Outpost.

Each Milegate is made up of three pieces Milegate Left, Milegate Center and Milegate Right. Each piece has 410k HP.

Some notes:

  • Getting the Milegate Center to ~66% destroys the top row of the gate structure.
  • At 50% the Milegate is marked as ‘Under Attack’ on the Map.
  • Getting the Milegate Center to ~34% destroys the middle row of the gate structure( but is still passable) however, there is debris.
  • Completely destroying the Milegate Center (0%) makes it impassable from both sides.
  • Even if the Milegate Center is destroyed, players on the Pact side of Chalman, Horunn and Kingcrest Milegates can still pass through to Covenant territory via the stair structures on either side (Same for Covenant side on Covenant/Dominion Milegates).
  • Since the stair structures are connected to the Left and Right Milegate pieces, destroying those will prevent players on either side from passing.
  • Repairing the Milegate Center to ~27% makes it passable from both sides but there’s debris.
  • Repairing Milegate Center to 50% repairs middle row and removes debris from the ‘gate area’.
  • Repairing Milegate Center to ~90% repairs top row.
Milegate Repair

Aim for the gate structure itself, the wall areas beside it or even from above to repair. Each kit repairs Gate for 11.1k until ~27% repaired. After that, it’s 9.9k per kit.


Even with the Milegates impassable, you can still travel between faction territories using Caves. There are two Caves. One between Kingscrest and Horunn Milegates and the other between Chorrol and Priory Milegates.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Pact/Covenant Cave. It is overall a narrow cave with a couple of slightly wider ambush points.

Here are some screenshots of the Covenant/Dominion Cave. This cave has wider, open spaces.


A couple of changes have been made to the three main (capturable) towns in this update. The three main towns are:

  • Cropsford – Pact
  • Bruma – Covenant
  • Vlastarus – Dominion

The main towns are now connected to the Transitus network via the closest Keep.

  • Cropsford – Drakelowe Keep
  • Bruma – Fort Dragonclaw
  • Vlastarus – Castle Brindle

The connections are not faction locked. For example, if the Dominion had Drakelowe Keep and Cropsford they should be able to Transitus directly to Cropsford via their Gates.

Each town has a Transistus Fort where the Transitus Shrine is located. The roof of the Fort, where the Transistus Shrine is placed, is a Sanctuary area. Only the Faction that owns the Town can enter the Fort. Entering the Fort through the door(s) takes you straight to the roof. There is no way to access the interior. The forts are guarded. (Guard numbers listed below are probably inaccurate).


The Cropsford Fort is located just south-east of Cropsford. There were a total of six Guards.

There are also now guards on the Outlier Flag which is now on a large stone platform. There are a total of six guards. The other two Flags haven’t changed.


The Bruma Fort is located on the south wall bordering the town. Unlike the other towns forts, Bruma’s Fort has two entrances one from the town (top of the wall) and one from outside of town (bottom of wall). There were only two Guards when I was there.


The Vlastarus Fort is located in the south-east corner of the town. Pretty much identical to Cropsford’s Fort. There were a total of seven Guards.

Postern Platforms

Postern Houses have been replaced with Postern Platforms. These platforms are completely exposed and overhang the wall but allow for the placement of siege. There is even a grill for oils. The platforms have 240k HP (same as houses did).

Thanks for reading my Guide! I’ll do my best to keep this up to date when/if more changes are made.

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