Teeth of Sithis Delve Guide

A Basic Guide to the Teeth of Sithis Delve located in Murkmire south of the Lakemire Xanmeer Manor. The entrance to the Delve can be found through a cave behind a waterfall.

Entrance Level. Ths Skyshard is on top of Xanmeer which can be accessed via the interior. Entrance the Xanmeer interior is under the bridge.
Xanmeer interiors/tunnels.
Lower Level. Exit below Boss takes you outside Delve.
  • Quest Name – She Who Eats The Light
  • Quest Giver – Nisswo Xode
  • Quest Giver Location – Near the Delve Entrance

Note: Doing the Delve Quest will take you past the Skyshard and to the Delve Boss.

Boss – Shuxaltsei
Boss spawns adds but just keep focusing the Boss. If your DPS is high you probably won’t get adds spawn at all.
Main entrance to Delve is the cave entrance on right side of the screenshot.

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