5 Quick Tips for ESO Crafters

This guide assumes you have a sound knowledge of Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online.

Join a Trade Guild

This might seem pretty obvious but ensuring that you join a trade guild that has all the amenities and kitted out guild house is vitally important to any crafter. The essentials of any trade Guild include:

  • A Trader – Location doesn’t necessarily matter as most trade-minded players utilise the TTC Addon and Website.
  • A Guild House which includes:
    • All the Crafting set stations.
    • Alchemy, Enchanting & Provisioning Stations.
    • Bank and Merchant NPC’s.
    • Transmute Station.
  • Weekly Auction, Raffles, Jackpots etc.
  • A friendly, helpful, sociable atmosphere – making social connections can provide plenty of opportunities for Crafters!

If your trade Guild doesn’t have all the amenities, you’re missing out and you should find one that does.

My sparsely decorated Flaming Nix Garret Home.

Buy a House in your Faction’s Capital

That way you can instantly get back to your Capital from your Guild House when you’ve done your Master Writs without spending any gold. This only really works for Pact and Dominion players unfortunately as the Covenant house is over 1 million Gold (the others are under 50k). But by all means, if you have that kind of Gold floating around and you like Gardner House, then get it.

  • Pact – Mournhold: Flaming Nix Garret – 13,000 Gold
  • Dominion – Elden Root: Snugpod – 45,000 Gold
  • Covenant – Wayrest: Gardner House – 1,015,000 Gold
Harvest Map Pins in the world and on your Map.

Add-ons – Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter & Harvest Map

Dolgubon’s is the time saver of your dreams. It autocompletes your Jewellery, Enchanting, Clothier, Blacksmithing and Woodworking Crafting Dailies. All you have to do is go to each respective crafting station and let Dolgun’s work it’s magic! You can even set it to auto do you Master Crafting Writs too, (again you have to go to the right crafting table for it to work). 

Harvest Map shows you where mats of all types typically spawn on your map and in the world making farming a lot easier. There are endless settings options too so you can get it to only show the types of pins you want it to show.

Deconstruct every single piece of Jewellery you get

Unless it’s significantly valuable (worth a lot of Gold) or you need it, always, always deconstruct your green, blue and purple jewellery! Those grains are a pain to get and the best chance you have of getting them is to decon jewellery. When it comes to Gold Jewellery it’s really up to personal preference. If you need the Gold, then sell it, if not, then decon it.

Have more than one mat Farming Spot

One of the more exhilarating tasks of being a crafter is farming runs. To keep things interesting and ensure you don’t get too insanely bored, it’s best to have multiple farming locations ideally in different zones. That way, you can change things up a bit and not run the same monotonous path over and over again!

Finding farming spots is pretty easy. Starting zones are typically a good place to go if you’re starting out farming. But pretty much any zone has good farming paths. You’ve just got to find them. The ones I use are ones I stumbled across questing or doing surveys. So just explore the world and you’ll be able to find a path.

It’s also worth farming in Craglorn on occasion for a chance to get some Nirncrux. Though do expect some competition.

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