The Lost World Story – How Wildstar’s Main Story would have Concluded

The Developers were kind enough to give us the conclusion of the main overarching story of Wildstar. The story starts off after the events from the Vault of the Archon on Arcterra.

When last we left our heroes, they had delved into the Vault of the Archon, discovering valuable information regarding the creation of Drusera – and how she might be freed from the Entity. To what lengths would the heroes of Nexus go to see this mission through?


Hidden deep among the asteroids of Halon Ring, the Focus of Logic had long been home to Omechron’s Keep. Within lay the Beholder – a supercomputer built by the Primeval Omechron that drew its unlimited computing power from the Focus itself. Drusera asked our heroes to seek out the Focus of Logic within Halon Ring in the hopes of finding Omechron and seeking his aid.

When they arrived at the last known location of the Focus of Logic, they found nothing but a crater with scraps of ancient Eldan technology – and a clutch of scavenging Marauders taking everything of worth. The resulting scuffle ended as the Marauders’ ships exploded – and the shockwave disrupted an old cloaking device, revealing an advanced ship nestled in the crater where the Focus once was. Upon boarding the vessel, the heroes were taken to a massive floating space station: Omechron’s Keep.

Omechron was not interested in entertaining casual visitors, however. The heroes persevered through a fiendish series of puzzles meant to test their intelligence and logical aptitude before, at last, they were allowed to enter the Beholder’s Sanctum. There, the looming visage of Omechron explained that it was indeed possible to separate Drusera from the Entity, but in order to do so, he required pureform primal essences. As the Primeval of Logic, he would provide his own essence, but the other five must be gathered and returned to him in order to create a device that could free Drusera from her ties to the Entity.

Committed to their path, the heroes set out to confront the Primevals.


With the pureform primal essence of logic already in hand, it was time to seek out the remaining Foci. Heroes delved deep into the Shatterstone Chasm to find the lost Focus of Earth and confront Kuraam. Deeper still, close to the molten core of Nexus, they uncovered Malferris near the Focus of Fire – and cut a deal with her, acquiring a pure exanite gem known as the Meridian Heart in exchange for the pureform primal essence they required.

From there they travelled high above the plains of Galeras to the Roost of Osiric. There the Storm Lord looked on as they duelled Kesla Greyfeather, Broodmother of the Brides of Osiric. Despite her mastery of air with the aid of Stormcaller, a mighty staff, she was defeated in combat – and the pureform primal essence of air from that staff was granted to the heroes as just reward.

Since Hydris had been long missing, the heroes then searched the depths of the ocean near the Focus of Water, discovering a secret Ikthian scientific facility: Cortex Station Genesis. The megalomaniacal Admiral Gelic Ironscale had already been hard at work utilizing the pureform primal water to amplify Ikthian genetic modification through dangerous scientific experiments. The Admiral became the latest subject for this new technology, transforming him into a cybernetic abomination. Only through struggling against and overcoming this horror were the heroes able to acquire the remaining pureform primal water for their own use.

Their final journey took them deep within the jungles of Wilderrun to the shores of the Everpool. They sought Vitara, Primeval of Life, but found their path blocked by a formidable foe: Tresayne Toria herself, the Blade-Mother of the Torine Sisterhood and sworn guardian of Vitara. Under the Primeval’s watchful gaze, the heroes challenged the immortal sword-maiden, fighting long into the night until at last Vitara’s champion knelt in defeat. The pureform primal life was theirs.

Their task complete, the heroes returned to Omechron’s Keep…

There remained one more piece of the puzzle before the device to free Drusera could be completed: the Protoplasmic Resonator. Omechron informed the heroes it remained in the Fusion Chamber – the place where Drusera was created more than a thousand years ago. Given that the creation of Drusera resulted in the destruction of the moon Halon, the remains of the facility lay on a remote asteroid within Halon Ring.

Through careful excavation and clever bypassing of ancient traps and haywire security, the heroes recovered the Resonator and returned it to Omechron. Before their eyes, the Primeval of Logic used the six essences to re-engineer the device into a Protoplasmic Disruptor: the one device that could separate Drusera from the Entity.


Before releasing the Disruptor, Omechron had one last demand – that the heroes pass a series of trials in order to confirm that were ready to face the power of the Entity. These trials, created by the Beholder itself, took place in an advanced holographic chamber, where the heroes were forced to defeat hard-light holographic constructs of some of the most powerful creatures on Nexus – and culminating in a final battle with a construct of Omechron himself. The stakes of these trials were life and death.

Against all odds, the heroes survived the battle with the Primeval of Logic. Satisfied with the outcome, Omechron handed them the Primal Disruptor.


The heroes knew exactly where to find Drusera’s physical form: the Lightspire, located deep within Grimvault. Prepared for the greatest battle of their lives, they shattered Drusera’s amber-like prison and released her – and the Entity – into the world. The Entity seized control of Drusera immediately.

Recognizing the origins of the device in the heroes’ hands, it focused its nigh-unlimited power on the group, bent on their destruction. Only through distractions and sacrifices were they able to activate the Protoplasmic Disruptor. In an explosion of light, the Entity scattered into nothing: Drusera was free from the Entity at long last.

The universe was saved from the threat of darkness and destruction at the hands of the Entity. Drusera, for the first time, was free of its corrupting influence. Turning to her friends, she smiled mysteriously, snapped her fingers, and was gone.


In the dark depths of Star-Comm Station, a console flared to life. The Caretaker appeared nanoseconds later, wondering why this particular console had activated when the station had been under deep security lockdown for more than a year.

Confirming that he was indeed alone, the virtual construct (now fully functional, thank you very much) peered over and read the data that the screen was displaying. Finishing, he paused momentarily. And then, despite the action being completely unnecessary given his almost limitless computational power, he read it one more time, just to be sure.





Oh my, said the Caretaker.

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