Wildstar’s In-Game Send-Off Event

Wildstar will be having an in-game send-off event for the closure of the game.

The Event will start on Wednesday, November 28, 12 pm PST / 10 pm CET / Thursday, November 29, 7 am AEDT on both Entity and Jabbit servers and will conclude when the servers shut off permanently at 2 pm PST / Midnight CET / 9 am AEDT.

The location fo the event will be Wigwalli Village Celebration area in Whitevale. Location coordinates are 3575.90 -938.46 -526.18 150.49.

For those that haven’t been to Whitevale yet, you’ll have to run to the location above or find a group to summon you. For those who have opened up that zone, ports are available at the following capital city locations:

  • Dominion: Location of the Whitevale teleport in Illium: -3465.11 -884.95 -559.91 177.70
  • Exiles: Location of the Whitevale teleport in Thayd: 4042.07 -803.20 -2315.15 179.08

And yes, I will be in attendance. Hope to see some of you there. I’ll be posting screenshots of the Event on Twitter.

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