Game Update 5.10 Patch Notes

Here are the Patch Notes for Game Update 5.10! Highlights (bolding & underline) are my own.


  • New Storylines and Daily Area on Ossus – Continue your adventure at Level 70 on the desolate Jedi planet of Ossus with new Republic and Imperial storylines. If your character has already completed the full storyline up to this point, the new Mission will be added to your Mission Log automatically; otherwise, any level 70 character can acquire the new Mission from the terminal aboard their personal starship.
  • Master Mode Gods from the Machine – Defeating the dangerous family of droid superweapons on Iokath will require more skill than ever!
  • Guild Perks – Players can now slot Guild Perks into various rooms on their Guild Flagship. These Perks provide a range of benefits, allowing Guilds to customize how they play.
  • Guild Leveling – Guilds will now level up by earning Guild XP from Galactic Conquests. Leveling provides a range of benefits from access to greater Guild Perks to higher XP, CXP, and Reputation rewards.
  • Guild Interface – The Guild UI has been completely reworked and includes new functionality such as the Guild Log, Guild Inspect, and Guild Mail.
  • Masterwork Gear – From Master Mode Gods from the Machine to exploring on Ossus, players can work to acquire the best gear in the galaxy!
  • PvP Challenge System – Create custom PvP matches against other groups of players! Track your record against other Guilds in custom Warzone, Arena, and Galactic Starfighter matches.
  • Double Event – Earn double XP, CXP, and more from December 20th – December 31st.


  • Companion conversations inside of the Rishi Stronghold have had their camera adjusted to be more consistent with other Strongholds.
  • The Foundry Finisher: Advanced and Foundry Finisher: Elite Achievements will now track progress properly.
  • The amount of Guild Member Ranks has been increased to 20 (up from 10).
  • The character limit for Guild Rank names has been increased to 32 (up from 16).
  • The character limit for the Guild message of the day has been increased to 256 (up from 128).
  • The character limit for the Guild description has been increased to 256 (up from 128).
  • The character limit for Guild rank descriptions has been increased to 64 (up from 32).
  • The price for a Guild Flagship has been decreased to 8 million credits (down from 50 million).
  • Guilds no longer get bonus experience and reputation earned based on their size. This is now dictated by Guild Level. This bonus now also includes Command Experience.
  • Guilds can now ban players by Legacy.
  • Guilds will now receive a 15% bonus to all Conquest points earned once they have committed to invade a planet.
  • The following Conquest Objectives have been added to every Conquest:
    • [Repeatable] Complete any Chapter.
    • [Repeatable] Complete any round of the Eternal Championship.
    • [Daily] Complete round 10 of the Eternal Championship.
    • Defeat enemy NPCs anywhere:
      • [Daily] 100 enemies
      • [Daily] 125 enemies (requires completion of 100 enemies)
      • [Daily] 250 enemies (requires completion of 100 and 125 enemies)
    • [Repeatable] Earn 8 badges in Warzones.
  • The defeat Imperial / Republic Guards Conquest Objective has been removed from the game.

Classes +Combat


  • Gear Bolster for Ranked and Unranked Warzones has been increased to item rating 252 (up from 242).
  • Augment Bolster for Ranked and Unranked Warzones has been increased to item rating 236 (up from 208).

Crew Skills

  • Corrected an issue where some gathering nodes on Dromund Kaas had higher skill requirements than intended.


  • Corrected inconsistent naming between the Advanced Lethal Mod and its schematic.


  • Corrected inconsistent naming of the item rating 240 and 248 schematics.

Treasure Hunting

  • The Treasure Hunting Mission “A Pirate’s Legacy” now grants Grade 3 materials as intended (was granting Grade 2).
  • The Treasure Hunting Mission “The Warrior’s Spear” no longer displays a Grade 10 Lockbox as a Mission reward. This was showing instead of the intended reward of a Grade 5 material.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


Gods from the Machine

  • All Gods from the Machine bosses should now be easier to defeat in Story and Veteran mode difficulties.

Items + Economy

  • The Unstable Peacemaker’s Lightsaber will no longer have an unintended texture flicker in some situations.
  • The Holo-Rancor’s holo-effect has been re-enabled (that’s a lot of hyphens).
  • The Preceptor Armor sets no longer say “Lower” in their name as they are full armor sets.
  • The Korrealis Duke SE now has a display image in Collections.
  • The Collection art for the Energized Infantry Armor Set and Galvanized Infantry Armor Set are no longer swapped.
  • The following items are now able to be unlocked in Collections as intended:
    • Cyberglow Mewvorr
    • Model FT-6 Pike
    • Juvenile Makrin Creeper
    • F5-SC Fighter
    • M4-1S Atromech
    • Juvenile Savannah Rancor
    • Juvenile Canyon Rancor
    • Juvenile Marsh Rancor
    • Juvenile Mountain Rancor
    • Juvenile Nocturnal Rancor
    • Juvenile Irradiated Rancor
    • Juvenile Bull Rancor
    • Juvenile Tyrant Rancor
    • Juvenile War Rancor
    • Mini-Mogul NM-1
    • M8-3R Astromech Droid
    • Zonian Monkey – Lizard
    • Rapid Recon Walker
    • Kakkran Daggerstar
    • Eternal Empire Patroller
    • Korrealis Regent
    • Korrealis Sheriff
    • Korrealis Viceroy
    • Korrealis Viscount
    • Corsair, The Unruly
    • Transporter, Trusted Associate
    • Advanced Black – Purple Striated Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Black – Purple Striated Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Black – Purple Striated War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced Black – Purple Striated Hawkeye Crystal
  • The “Additional Character Slot” Unlock in the Cartel Market has had its description updated to properly reflect current character slot limits.
  • The Battle-Scarred Demolisher’s Helmet is no longer invisible when equipped on Troopers.
  • The “Hanging Vines” Decoration now applies to ceiling hooks (previously wall hooks).
  • All Toys should now show in Collections when the “all” filter is selected.
  • Unassembled Components can now be redeemed on Ossus for Masterwork Data Crystals up to two times per week, per character.
  • Tier 3 and 4 Command Crates now have a rare chance to drop Masterwork Data Crystals.
  • Artifact Lockboxes which contain a single piece of item rating 252 gear can now drop out of Tier 3 and 4 Command Crates.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Mission giver M8T-V on Belsavis has had their title updated to “Flashpoint: Colicoid War Games” to properly reflect the Flashpoint Mission you receive upon interacting with them.
  • Corrected an issue where in some situations Bounty Hunters were unable to interact with the escape pods during the “Some People Just Need Killing” Class Mission.
  • Enemies in the Eternal Championship now grant more Command Experience.
  • Coffins will now show up as intended during the Jorgan and Kaliyo Cinematic of Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder.
  • Masterwork Data Crystals have been added as a reward for various Weekly Missions.
  • Ossus Reputation consumables have been added to Ranked PvP Missions.
  • Prefab MK-4 will now count towards their respective Conquest Objectives as intended.
  • Increased the number of losses needed to complete Daily and Weekly Ranked PvP Missions.



  • Lowered the pop rate for Vandin Huttball to be equal with other Warzones.
  • Players carrying the Huttball can once again use their crowd control break ability, as intended.

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