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Guild Heraldry Guide

Here is my Guide to the new Guild Heraldry System coming in Game Update 5.10.2 which is currently live on the PTS!

How to Access Guild Heraldry

In the General Tab in the Guild UI, click on ‘Edit Guild Profile’ then click on ‘Edit Heraldy’.

Guild Heraldy Interface

Here is how the interface looks. It allows you to play around with changes without committing to them.

Guild Heraldry

There are two key components to Guild Heraldry. The Symbol and the Detail. The Symbol appears in the foreground while the detail is the background.

There are are currently 23 different symbols you can use.

Here is a Gallery of all the different Symbols

Colours I used

There are currently 15 different Details you can use.

Here is a Gallery of all the different Details (backgrounds).

Colours I used

Colour Wheel

You can colour two parts to both the Symbol and the Detail. You can change the colour of each part by using the colour wheel. Just select which component you want to edit the colour of and you’re good to go.

A special thank you Kogass ( for giving me GM of <The Porg Collective> PTS Guild temporarily so I could make this Guide!

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