Elsweyr PvP News and Info Round-Up

This past week the Press NDA was lifted and loads of new Elsweyr info has been revealed! The Devs have also done a couple of Livestreams. Here’s all the PvP information and news I could find for your convenience.

The PTS for Elsweyr will be launching on the week of April 15. Almost everything mentioned will be released with the Elsweyr Chapter and Update 22 on May 20th (PC early access). Since almost everything PvP related is tied to the base game, you will not need the Elsweyr chapter to experience these additions and changes when they launch.

Most of this information came from the Elsweyr Presentation Livestream (March 29) and the Elsweyr Q&A Livestream (March 30th).

Daedric Artifact – Volendrung

When a player picks up the Volundrung initially, they’ll get a ‘damage dampener’ so they can’t die straight away. A player carrying it will ‘glow’. You get 5 abilities plus an Ultimate.

  • AOE Cleave Attack + knockback (think Sauron FOTR)
  • Direct Damage Attack
  • Charge
  • Group Buff – Expedition, Restores Stamina
  • Keep Wall Destroy ability (takes15-20 seconds)
  • Ultimate – turn into a whirlwind/cyclone that does AOE damage, chain pulls people in (think Tazzy )

The Volendrung is currently going to spawn on the map every 5-6 hours per campaign. It will spawn in random locations, however, it has built-in parameters so it won’t spawn in a factions territory if they have Emperor or are winning the campaign etc. It should go to the ‘underdogs’.

The Volendrung will ‘live’ for 30 minutes at the minimum. So if someone dies with it in within the 30 minutes, someone else can pick it up. After 30 minutes you can still have it but the moment the person who has it dies, it will disappear.

The Volendrung will slowly kill you while you wield it so you have to keep feeding it. As time progresses, the feed rate increases making it harder and harder to hold onto it. You feed it by gaining Alliance Points from killing players and offensive/defensive ticks from attacking/defending Keeps. Repairing will not count.

If you try to pick up the Volendrung as an Emperor, you will get an error message (saying you can’t pick it up).

AP gain is the same.

There are also achievements attached to the Volendrung.

Alliance Lock and New Campaigns

Only the two 30-day campaigns will have an Alliance Lock. When you are about to enter an Alliance Locked campaign, you will get a message asking you if you are sure you want to enter that Campaign with that Alliance. If you say yes, then you can enter. When you look at the campaigns on other characters it will show the lock symbol with the faction each campaign is locked to.

They are getting rid of all the existing Campaigns and adding new ones. So everyone will have a clean slate and have to pick a new home campaign.

There will be four new Cyrodiil campaigns:

  • 30-day CP (Alliance Locked)
  • 30-day non-CP (Alliance Locked)
  • 7-day CP
  • Level 10-49 non-CP

They are also getting rid of the ‘Guesting’ function entirely. So you’ll just pick your home campaign then be able to go into any other campaign as you please. But your rewards etc. will still be tied to your home Campaign.

Siege and Structure Adjustments

They are going to increase the damage done by Siege in CP campaigns by 30%.

Towers at resources and the tops of Keeps will also no longer be destructible. This is being done purely to improve performance by helping with overhead and save on memory.

Imperial City

There will be two Imperial City Campaigns ( will not be an under 50 Campaign).

  • CP Enabled
  • Non-CP Enabled

There will be no Alliance Locking for Imperial City. You won’t be able to select an IC Campaign as a home campaign (there’s really no need for it since there are no leaderboards etc.).

Stuck in Combat Bug

They’re working on it. They’re looking at everything that puts players into combat and then evaluating and changing the parameters that put you into combat. This will take a while and is not expected to be in Update 22.


There won’t be a new mode or map. However, they are looking at revamping older maps so they change up a bit (like Eld Angvar) depending on the mode being played.

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