Elsweyr PvP Patch Note Highlights

Here are all the relevant Elsweyr Patch Notes related specifically to PvP! You can read the full Patch Notes here.

PvP Weapon Artifacts

Volendrung has been unleashed on Cyrodiil in all campaigns! After picking up the weapon, your ability bar will swap out, stats will be adjusted and you’ll be the living embodiment of this ancient weapon! 

  • This Artifact Weapon can be wielded by any player in Cyrodiil, and spawns in the world about 4-5 times a day.
  • You must keep feeding the weapon Alliance Points (repairing structures or resurrecting other players doesn’t count) or else the power of the weapon will drain your life (i.e. it kills your character).
  • Added a tutorial for this weapon, led by Sheogorath in each Alliance starter gate where quest boards are located.

Cyrodiil Campaign Adjustments

All currently-existing campaigns will be shut down once Elsweyr launches. We hope you enjoyed your time in Vivec, Shor, Sotha Sil and Kyne! 

  • In keeping with the Season of the Dragon, we will be introducing 6 new campaigns with some new rules added:
    • Bahlokdaan: 30 Day No CP & Alliance Locked (new Sotha Sil)
    • Kaalgrontiid: 30 Day CP Enabled & Alliance Locked (NEW VIVEC)
    • Yolnahkriin: 7 Day CP Enabled (new Shor)
    • Mulaamnir: Levels 10-49 (new Kyne)
    • Imperial City: No CP
    • Imperial City: CP Enabled
  • Alliance Locked Campaigns are a new style of Campaign rule that’s only being applied to 30-day durations. In these Campaigns, each account will only be able participate with, and represent, a single Alliance for the duration of the Campaign.
    • There are two methods of locking in your Alliance for a Campaign. In both cases, Alliance selection is determined by the Alliance of the character you are currently logged in with.
      • Method 1: Assign a “home” Campaign in the Alliance War menu.
      • Method 2: Enter Cyrodiil on a Campaign you’ve not previously joined.
    • Once you’ve locked in your Alliance, only characters of the same Alliance on your account will be allowed to enter Cyrodiil in that Campaign.
    • There is no option to change your locked Alliance until the Campaign duration has elapsed. Multiple in-game notifications have been added to warn you when you’re about to join an Alliance-locked Campaign.
    • Campaigns not flagged with the “Alliance locked” rule set remains unchanged. Any character above level 10 from any Alliance can play in those Campaigns at any time.
  • Imperial City is now its own Campaign. The doors in Cyrodiil have been shut down; to get into Imperial City, you simply use the Campaign selection menu. You’ll end up in the Sewers just as if you had entered from Cyrodiil. 
    • Note that Imperial City now has its own population cap (including the Sewers and Districts) which is now removed from Cyrodiil’s population caps.
  • Removed the Guest Campaign as a status, so you no longer need to manage your “guest” Campaign and are now free to play in any Campaign at will.
    • Note: Home Campaign status is still needed for earning Leaderboard rewards at the end of Campaigns and participating in Emperorship leaderboards.
  • Emperor Leaderboards have also been adjusted. Once you have served as Emperor in a Campaign, you cannot be crowned as an Emperor for a different Alliance for the rest of that Campaign’s duration.

Imperial City

Combat and Game Play


  • Adjusted the health and damage from monsters in the CP-enabled Imperial City Campaign.  Expect the denizens of the Sewers and Districts to hit harder and be tougher overall.
  • Treasure scamps now spawn more frequently.
  • Adjusted the pathing of various treasure scamps so they will no longer disappear when moving from point to point.

Alliance War and PvP


  • Updated the visuals for Guards and Generals of each Alliance to more clearly enforce the differences in Alliance, as well as calling out Honor Guard NPCs more distinctly.
  • Melee guards will no longer use Bash or Power Bash.
  • The “Kill 20” quest board now includes “Kill 20 Necromancers”.
  • There is no longer a double confirmation window when entering Cyrodiil.


  • Fixed an issue where your character could get killed while in a playable area in Mor Khazgur.

Keeps & Structures

  • The roof of “cathedral” style Keeps can no longer be destroyed.
    • As an example, Bloodmayne is a “cathedral” style keep.
  • Towers can no longer be destroyed.
    • We made these changes as part of our ongoing efforts to improve overall game performance and stability in Cyrodiil.


  • Siege damage in CP-Enabled Campaigns will now hit approximately 30% harder than prior update adjustments. Damage in No-CP Campaigns remains the same.

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