Volendrung Overview and Guide

Volendrung is the first PvP Weapon Artifact coming to Cyrodiil in the Elsweyr Chapter/Update 22 Expansion. Here is my overview of it.


The Volendrung weapon spawn randomly on the map every five hours. It has built-in parameters so it won’t spawn in a faction’s territory if they have Emperor or are winning the campaign etc.

When you pick up Volendrung, you gain one temporary ability bar and your stats are increased. You can not weapon swap while you’re wielding it. You will have an /purple beam on you as well while wielding it (pictured below).

The Volendrung will ‘live’ for 30 minutes at the minimum. So if someone dies with it in within the 30 minutes, someone else can pick it up. After 30 minutes you can still have it but the moment the person who has it dies, it will disappear.

Holding Volendrung

The Volendrung will slowly kill you while you wield it so you have to keep feeding it. As time progresses, the feed rate increases making it harder and harder to hold onto it. You feed it by gaining Alliance Points from killing players and offensive/defensive ticks from attacking/defending Keeps. Repairing does not count.

Tutorial Quest

There is a Tutorial Quest you can pick up from Sheogorath at your faction’s gate (North Gate the by Bounty Boards for EP). Once you talk to him. he’ll open up a Portal to Cheesemonger’s Hollow where you can pick up the Volendrung and try it out!

Once you’ve completed the quest, you can go back to Cheesemonger’s Hollow whenever you like and play around with Volendrung (the portal stays).


An overview of the Volendrung’s abilities.

Rourken’s Rebuke, Malacath’s Vengeance, Accursed Charge, Pariah’s Resolve, Sundering Swing, Ruinous Cyclone.
    • Rourken’s Rebuke – Batter foes in an arc in front of you, dealing 8400 Physical Damage, knocking enemies back 4 meters, and stunning them for 3.5 seconds.
    • Malacath’s Vengeance – Swing Volendrung in a mighty downward blow, dealing 11760 Physical Damage to a single target.
    • Accursed Charge – Spring across the battlefield to smash an enemy, dealing 8960 Physical Damage.
    • Pariah’s Resolve – Channel Volendrung’s Power to grant Major Brutality, Major Endurance, and major Expedition to you and nearby group members for 20 seconds, increasing your Weapon Damage and Stamina Recovery by 20% and your Movement speed by 30%. Activating this ability removes all snares and immobilisations from you.
    • Sundering Swing – Smash Volendrung into a structure, dealing 13440 Physical Damage every 0.8 seconds for 3 seconds.
    • Ruinous Cyclone – Turn into a living cyclone, dealing 11200 Physical Damage every 0.5 seconds for 7 seconds in an 8m radius, while pulling all enemies within 15m closer to you.
Ruinous Cyclone Ultimate


Here are the two achievements associated with Volendrung.

This Guide will be updated with more info once I’ve had the chance to test further.

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