The Golden Dupe – How to lose 150 Million Credits in The Old Republic

Now here’s a story about how my character got a ‘golden glow’ in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Shiny, right?

It all started when I went to check out the Reputation Vendor on Dantooine after the 5.10.3 PTS was patched. Among an assortment of new additions to the vendor, I found this curious item, ‘Yarvok’s Gratitude’, which gave little away as to its purpose (or so I thought).

Not being able to find the achievement, to get the item, listed among the other Dantooine Achievements (it’s hardly the only hidden achievement on Dantooine), I proceeded to test the dailies…Again…

Then I decided to finally take a crack at the final Heroic 4 I hadn’t tried yet ‘Reactor Ransom’. But, instead of doing the hard yards, I thought I’d see what would happen if I just paid the ransom.

So I clicked on the droid inside the Heroic, saw the 15 million credit price tag and thought, ‘It’s just going to be a one-time thing for ‘The Easy Way’ achievement–why not?’

Narrator: It was not to be a one -time thing.

I got the achievement I wanted. But there was a catch. It unlocked another achievement, the achievement I couldn’t find earlier, ‘The Golden Dream’, to get the item on the vendor.

And what did I have to do to get the mystery item?

Pay the ransom 10 times.

10 times.

150 Million Credits.

So for curiosities sake, I made the sacrifice. I did the Heroic (paid the ransom) nine more times on various alts and bam! I completed the achievement and got the mystery item, ‘Yarvok’s Gratitude’, in the mail (if you want it on your alts, just buy it from the Dantooine Reputation Vendor for 1 measly Credit).

‘They said it was ridiculous. That it couldn’t be done. That Yarvok’s dreams could only ever be dreams. Well, as the new co-owner of Star Cluster, Yarvok says to those who doubted him what he has always said: Hand over the money or I’ll shoot!’ – Brought to you by the Yarvok Corporation.

So what does it do? It literally makes you glow gold. Hence ‘The Golden Dream’. The golden glow lasts for 30 seconds and does a little animation when you activate it. You can click on ‘Yarvok’s Gratitude’ (and even put it on your skill bar) whenever you want to activate it. But, if it is already active, it won’t do the animation again, you have to click it off your buff bar to see the animation again.

Here’s another image for good measure.

For a mere 150 Million Credits (or 37.5 Million if you split it with three other people), you too can give your character a golden glow when the Dantooine Pirate Incursion Event launches with Game Update 5.10.3 on June 4th!

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