5 Things to do on Dantooine

Dantooine Xam Xam

Dantooine is finally coming to Star Wars The Old Republic on May 28th as part of Game Update 5.10.3. The main highlight of 5.10.3 is the new Pirate Incursion Event (on Dantooine). But there is more to this backwater world then meets the eye.

Here are some of the things you can do while dodging blaster fire from pirates and raining debris from space battles.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Arrrrrrr maties! If ye find all the clues, some treasurrrrrre therrrrrrrre may be! But be wary, you may need a spyglass (or both your eyes intact, natural or cybernetic) to spot the first one.

Sample the Local Cuisine

Sure there may be battles raging around you and in the sky above, but why not take the time to sample some local delicacies? I’m sure the pirates won’t mind (though you may have to kill a few first). Try some tasty Kath Hound Shanks or sample some Bloatgourd fruit among other things.

Local Mystery – The Well

To jump or not to jump, that is the question. Although if you’re Republic scum being chased by some Pirates or Imperials, it may offer you a quick escape (death). Cowards.

See the Sights

Gaze upon the ruins of the long-neglected Jedi Enclave. Though it said that salvaging efforts have turned a tidy profit. But alas, it is quite a dangerous place. So it’s best viewed from a distance.

Visit Polly’s Island

If you dare. There may be more to this island then meets the eye. So tread carefully lest you end up like one of these crispy souls.

There is more to do on Dantooine, of course. All that’s needed is a keen eye and a sense of adventure!

Now that you’ve seen a tease of what’s to come, what are you most looking forward to about Dantooine?

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