Dantooine Achievements Guide

Here is my Dantooine Achievements Guide! This planet was introduced to SWTOR in game Update 5.8. You can find the Achievements for Dantooine listed under Events -> Pirate Incursion.

Note the Dantooine Treasure Hunter Achievement is in a separate Guide.


Dantoonian Culinarian

Sample various items on Dantooine.

The various foods have fairly long respawn times, sadly.

Unfortunately, only one person can click on the food and have it count for the achievement even if you’re grouped up.

Charred Kath ShankEvent & PeacetimeFound at Campsites
Fragile GlowshroomPeacetimeFound near Hugo Heroic entrance
Irritable BloatgourdEvent & PeacetimeFound at Nova Blade ship platform or near camps
Nova Blade RotgutEvent & PeacetimeFound near Reactor Ransom Heroic entrance
Perfectly Ripe VormfruitPeacetimeNorthern farm plots near Imperial Base
Unnaturally Huge TuberPeacetimeNear south farm plot east of Republic Base

Charred Kath Shank – (Event and Peacetime)

Found at camp sites and under Nova Blade ship platform near the Hugo Heroic entrance.

Irritable Bloatgourd – (Event and Peacetime)

Found near camp sites or at campsites.

Fragile Glowshroom – (Peacetime)

Found near Hugo Heroic entrance. Thanks, Tess for the tip!

Nova Blade Rotgut – (Event and Peacetime)

Found near Reactor Ransom Heroic entrance. Thanks, Theho for the tip!

Perfectly Ripe Vormfruit – (Peacetime)

Found in northern farm plots near the Imperial Base. Thanks, Theho for the tip!

Note: The fruit is only found on the small Vormfruit plants and the whole plant despawns shortly after the highlighted Vormfruit is clicked on. You will not find a highlighted Vormfruit on any of the normal sized Vormfruit plants.

Unnaturally Huge Tuber – (Peacetime)

Found in or near the south farm field east of the Republic Base. Thanks, JJC for the tip!

Scholar of Dantooine

Find all the Codex Entries

  • Banir Regional Energy Complex – near dam
  • Blba Tree – found on plaques under the biggest Blba Trees
  • Dantooine – when you arrive on Dantooine
  • Dantooine Agriculture – found anywhere near crop fields
  • Imperial Outpost DNT-X004 – found near Imperial base entrance (both factions)
  • Infinite Empire: Dantooine – north of the mysterious well
  • Jedi Enclave Ruins – when you scan the Jedi Enclave Ruins (see Lingering Shadows Achievement below)
  • Legacy of Darth Traya – found along cliffs east of Polly’s island
  • Nova Blade Assault: Dantooine – completing the Patrol: Dantooine Daily
  • Tokare Garrison – when you walk up to the daily terminal (Republic) and when you approach the base (Imperial)

Infinite Empire: Dantooine

Legacy of Darth Traya

Lingering Shadows

Use the Handheld Scanners you get for the Dantooine Destabilisation or Spy Game Dailies to scan the Jedi Enclave Ruins.

Vantage Area for Jedi Enclave (looking East).
Jedi Enclave Scan Point

You also get a codex entry to go along with it that counts towards the Codex Achievement.

Hidden Achievements

If you want to discover these for yourself, I’d advise not reading this part of the Guide! If you like exploring, then explore and see what you can find for yourself first!

Daily Bosses

The Golden Dream

This achievement is discovered when you complete <The Easy Way> Achievement by paying the ransom in the Heroic 4 ‘Reactor Ransom’. You pay the Ransom by clicking on the Droid ‘RO-B5U’ in the entrance area of the Heroic and purchasing the ‘Convert Credits to Pay Ransom’ item for 15 Million Credits.

To complete this achievement, you have to complete the Heroic by paying the Ransom 10 times*.

When you complete the achievement you get an item called ‘Yavok’s Gratitude’ which makes you glow gold whenever you click on it.

You can read more about this silly achievement in my Blog Post The Golden Dupe – How to lose 150 Million Credits in The Old Republic.

*Unfortunately, only the person who buys and uses the Ransom Item gets credit for the Achievement. No other group members will get achievement credit but will get heroic completion credit. Source.


The Dantooine Cipher

This hidden achievement is discovered when you click on one of five Dantooine Ciphers found inside various buildings and out in the open.

Here are their locations. They’re not always in the same spot but are always found within the general areas indicated on the map. Unfortunately, only one person can click on a Cipher to have it count towards the achievement, then it’ll despawn.

Secrets of Dantooine Vol 01

Secrets of Dantooine Vol 02

Secrets of Dantooine Vol 03

Secrets of Dantooine Vol 04

Secrets of Dantooine Vol 05

The Polly Exclusion Principle – (Event Only)

Stand on an island and get killed by the silly little bird.

Yep, just stand there and take it. That beam totally doesn’t do anything bad…

Well That Was Unexpected

Jump down the well. You know you want to!

Go on! DO IT!

Dantooine Treasure Hunter – (Event Only)

See my Dantooine Treasure Hunt Guide to complete this hidden achievement.

Thank you for reading my guide! If you ahve any quetions or queries, let me know!

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