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Here are all the Codex Entries on Dantooine in Game Update 5.10.3.

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Achievement Codex Entries

Banir Regional Energy Complex


The Republic’s renewed interest in Dantooine led to heavy investment in the planet’s ageing infrastructure. The dam near Tokare Garrison, which was near crumbling, was transformed by Republic engineers into a high-tech energy complex. This combination wind and hydroelectric facility is capable of producing enormous amounts of power needed by the Republic’s industrialised farming initiative.

Despite the benefits of the Republic’s attention to the planet-improved defences and infrastructure, and a revitalised economy-some of Dantooine’s more traditional inhabitants decry the rapid development and caution their fellow citizens against relying too heavily on the Republic’s support.

Blba Tree


The sturdy blba tree flourishes throughout Dantooine’s fertile grasslands. They can grow to be hundreds of years old, and particularly venerable trees serve as wedding sites for generation after generation of family lineages. Dantooinians regard them as apt symbols for the planet’s inhabitants: they’re sturdy, require little to thrive, and are incredibly difficult to move once their roots take.



An agrarian world of rolling hills, vast fields, and hardy blba trees, Dantooine is a remote, sparsely inhabited planet. The resilient folk who tend its fields have never minded that most of the galaxy considers their home a backwater-in fact, many prefer it that way. Unfortunately for those citizens, when war erupted anew following the defeat of the Eternal Empire, both sides of the conflict became keenly aware of the sudden strategic importance of this once-ignored world poised on the edge of Imperial territory.

Dantooine Agriculture


Dantooine is a pastoral planet inhabited by resilient farmers. For much of their history, they focused primarily on sustenance, carting what little excess they produced to planet’s few mercantile centres on the rare occasion off-world travellers arrived.

Staple crops include kibla greens and yot beans, though the Republic has been pushing for cultivation of faster-cycle non-native species to support increasing supply needs. The planet, once deemed beneath notice by both sides of the conflict, now serves as an integral link in the Republic’s supply chain.

Imperial Outpost DNT-X004


The bare-bones Imperial Base on Dantooine embodies their mission on the planet: accomplish as much as possible with practically no resources. Sneaking in under the cover of the Nova Blades’ attack, a small strike force hurried to establish a recon base in a strategic location near the Banir Regional Energy Complex. This location proved a perfect launchpad for strikes on the Republic’s infrastructure. Despite operating with the bare minimum of staff and material, the effort has been deemed successful thus far.

Infinite Empire: Dantooine


At its height, the Rakatan Infinite Empire spanned hundreds of worlds, and Dantooine was among those hundreds. Through advanced technologies powered by the dark side of the Force, the Rakata subjugated the planet and constructed monuments to their greatness across it. Many thousands of years after the fall of the Infinite Empire, traces of this brutal occupation can still be uncovered.

Jedi Enclave Ruins


Some of history’s most powerful force users trained in the long-ruined hall sod the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Only students of great potential were admitted, and while the rigorous training produced exceptional Jedi, the fall of several notable students to the Dark Side cast a pall on the institution’s legacy. Exar Kun, Darth Revan, and Darth Malak all trained at the enclave on Dantooine.

The enclave was established by Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. Dantooine’s isolation and relative obscurity, along with naturally-occurring crystal caverns that dotted the planet, made it an excellent site. Years later, during the Jedi Civil War, the enclave was razed in an attack orchestrated by its former student, Darth Malak.

For many years and despite early efforts at rebuilding, the enclave has been abandoned by the Jedi and ransacked by sanctioned salvaging initiatives operated by Dantooine’s governing body. With the Order re-forming and Dantooine becoming a strategically important planet in the war, perhaps one day the enclave will be restored to its former glory.

Legacy of Darth Traya


Darth Traya rejected traditional views on the Force, both Jedi and Sith. After being stripped of her connection to the force by her Sith apprentices, she assumed the name Kreia and set into motion a grand scheme for revenge–and perhaps much more, based on the remnants of her history that can be found.

Part of Kreia’s plan involved decimating the Jedi Order. On Dantooine, Kreia severed Masters Vrook Lmar, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell from the Force, killing them within the Jedi Enclave.

Nova Blade Assault: Dantooine


The Nova Blades, still recovering from the defeat of their leader Ralen Margok on Rishi, began efforts to re-organise in the Raioballo sector near the planet Dantooine. Spurred on by intelligence received from covert Imperial agents, the Nova Blades launched an assault on the planet in an attempt to plunder the Republic’s vast stores of food and munitions on the surface.

Under cover of the chaos caused by the pirates, a small Imperial strike force moved to destabilise the planet and destroy key infrastructure. The Republic, caught off-guard, was forced to divert already-strained military resources to fend off the pirates and thwart the Empire’s machinations.

Tokare Garrison


The garrison is a recent construction and part of Republic efforts to reinforce its hold on Dantooine. The planet now serves as a resupply station for Republic ships, and its position at the edge of Imperial space makes it a prime location to stage assault forces. The military presence on Dantooine has therefore grown rapidly, to the consternation of some of the planet’s farmers.

This large base of Republic operations was named in honour of Master Vandar Tokare, a member of the Jedi Council who assisted in the oversight of the enclave on Dantooine. Tokare perished during Darth Nihilus’ devastation of the planet Katarr, but he remains an inspiration to many.

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