Dantooine Pirate Incursion Event Guide

Here is my Dantooine Pirate Incursion Event Guide. This Star Wars The Old Republic reoccurring event, located on Dantooine, consists of doing dailies and weeklies to earn Reputation and Rewards.

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How to Participate in the Dantooine Event

All characters level 20+ can participate in this Event!

To participate in the Event, just travel straight to Dantooine and pick up the Dailies in your respective factions base or interact with the Terminal on the Fleet. Interacting with the Terminal on Fleet grants you a one-off Mission with some minor story to it (but only if you’ve completed the Ossus Story!).

Missions and Rewards

There are 6 Dailies for each faction and 3 Heroics shared by both factions all repeatable per day.


DailyOpening the Skies14,220 Credits 1 Green 
DailyMarauder Manoeuvres14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyOperation Starvation14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyDantooine Destabilisation14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyBeneath Suspicion14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyExplosive Assurances14,220 Credits1 Green 


DailyBroadside Barrage14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyDantooinian Restabilisation14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailySpy Game14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyPirates. Again.14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyWreckage Inspection14,220 Credits1 Green 
DailyAn Enemy Among Friends14,220 Credits1 Green 


Heroic 2Shiny New Toy29,862 Credits + 1 DSN*1 Blue
Heroic 4Beware of Hugo29,862 Credits + 2 DSN*1 Blue
Heroic 4Reactor Ransom29,862 Credits + 2 DSN*1 Blue
[Daily] Patrol: Dantooine22,182 Credits + 1 DSN*1 Blue
[Weekly]Event: Pirate Incursion29,862 Credits + 2 DSN*4 Purple

*Dantooine Surveyor’s Note – unique Event Currency

Bonuses reward 14,220 Credits and XP/Command XP.

Imperial Dailies

Beneath Suspicion

(Bonus) Mouse Droid Chaos

  • Use the Honk ability to distract Technicians for the ‘Distract Technicians’ bonus.
  • Blow up the carelessly stored Munitions
  • Rupture Water Main

When you are in close proximity to Republic technicians, use the Honk ability to count towards bonus completion.

Use Droid Control Terminal

The Droid Control Terminal is located in a small building indicated on the map below.

Droid Control Terminal Location
Mouse Droid Control Terminal

Once you activate the Droid Control Terminal, you control a Mouse Droid.

You get 3 abilities:

Honk – Proudly announce yourself to the world! (Cooldown 5s)
Scurry – A short burst of rodential speed. (Cooldown 5s)
Disconnect – Disconnect the Mouse Droid remote control.

Slice the Security Terminal

Click on the Security Terminal to slice it.

Find a way to the control room

There are hazards you have to navigate past to get to the Control Room. Going through water will fry your circuits and reset your droid. See images below on how to avoid the hazards.

North East Hazard
South Hazard

Inject Mainframe Virus

Click on the Republic Mainframe to inject it with the Virus.

Dantooine Destabilisation

(Bonus) Thin the Ranks – Defeat Republic Forces (15)

Scan Wind Turbines

Sabotage Wind Turbines

You can find Panels to click on to sabotage the Wind Turbines on the base of the Wind Turbines themselves.

Scan Republic Comm Center

Destroy Comm Receiver

You have to move fairly close to the Comm Receiver to be able to destroy it. When you are close enough, it will let you click it.

Find a Vantage Point

Once you get to this spot, the mission will progress to the next step.

Damage the Transport Rail

Click on the highlighted beam (pictured above) to damage the Transport Rail.

Scan Dam for Weakness

Analyse Structural Integrity

Stand in close proximity to the Structural Scan Points indicated on the map. Then, click on the Resonance Analyser in your Mission Tracker at each location.

Dam Map

Explosive Assurances

(Bonus) Kill Pirates – Defeat Nova Blades (10)

Deploy Mine Droids

Objective Location

Find the green clickable circles on the ground and click on them to deploy mine droids. There are also green arrows in the air indicating their locations.

There is a chance for Nova Blade NPC’s to spawn after deploying a Mine Droid.

Marauder Manoeuvres
  • Plant Tracker on Nova Blade Speeder
  • Plant Tracker on Nova Blade Speeder Bike
  • Plant Tracker on Nova Blade Ship
  • Loot Communicators from Nova Blades
Objective Locations

There are two locations on the map for each objective (though you only need to do each one once). Just click on each type of vehicle to plant the trackers.

Killing any Nova Blade NPC has a chance to drop the communicators.

Opening the Skies

Loot Officer Access Card and Slice AA Turrets

AA Turret Locations

By each turret is a Republic Commander NPC to kill. When you loot them, you’ll get an Access Card that will allow you to slice the AA Turret (click the highlighted blue terminal). You have to repeat this process for each AA Turret. Clicking on the blue terminal without the access card will do nothing.

Loot the Access Card from the Commander. Then you can click on the highlighted blue terminal to slice it.

Operation Starvation
  • Destroy Food Stockpiles
  • Defeat Republic Militia
  • Defeat Jedi

Killing both silver and gold Jedi NPC’s will count towards the completion of this mission.

Killing the Dantooine Militia will count towards mission completion.

Food Stockpiles and Republic Militia NPC’s

If you’re on the one time Story Mission, there are additional steps to complete this Mission.

Republic Dailies

An Enemy Among Friends

Defeat Quartermaster Konnari

Kill the Boss in the instance. Then click on the datapad.

Travel to the Meeting Spot

Defeat the Traitor

Enter the building and kill the Traitor.

Broadside Barrage
  • Call Artillery on Pirate Ships (2)
  • Call Artillery on Pirate Camp (4)
  • Defeat Nova Blades (10)

Click on the ‘Artillery Beacon’ Temporary Ability in your Mission Tracker and place it on a Nova Blade Camp or Ship.

Defeating any Nova Blade NPC’s will count for Mission completion.

Dantooinian Restabilisation
  • Disarm Explosives (at the Dam)
  • Defeat Imperials near Comm Centre
  • Repair Turbine Regulator Units
West – Dam Explosives, Middle – Comm Centre, East – Turbine Units

Disarm Explosives at the Dam

Explosives can be found in multiple locations along the dam walkway. Click on them to disarm them.

Defeat Imperials near Comm Centre

Killing any Imperial within the vicinity of the Comm Centre should count towards mission completion.

Repair Turbine Regulator Units

Click on a Turbine Regulator Unit, found next to Wind Turbines, to repair it.

Pirates. Again.

Use the Turret Control Terminal inside the Republic Garrison

Defeat Nova Blade Attackers (40)

Kill 40 Nova Blade NPC’s using the Turret.

You get four different abilities to use.

Rapid Bolts – Fires a series of high powered shots (single target).
Missile Blast – Fires a pair of highly explosive missiles at a target location (placeable AOE).
Defence Boost – Creates a temporary barrier that protects against incoming damage (Defensive).
Relinquish Control – Relinquish control of the turret (removes you from Turret).

Once you have defeated 40 Nova Blades, you get teleported back outside the instance and the Mission is completed.

Spy Game

Scan Mine Locations

You do not need to be at the exact locations to scan the mines.

Stand roughly near the designated scan areas and scan the Imperial Droids

Use the Decloaking Device temporary ability in your mission tracker on the mine locations. You have to stand right near the centre of the green circle for it to work.

Wreckage Inspection

Locate the crashed transport

There are three different crashed transports you can go to (but you only need to go to one).

Inspect the Wreckage

Once you get close to a Crashed Transport, you’ll be able to click on the debris.

Recover Supplies from Imperial Pillagers

Defeat Imperial Pillagers and loot the supplies.


[Heroic 2] Shiny New Toy
  • Soloable – Yes, 2-manned with heal and DPS or two DPS plus companions.
  • Requirements – When soloing, mob management (CC’s, stuns, killing low health mobs first), minor companion micro-managing.
  • Comments – Mobs are harder to kill then the initial bosses (mini-bosses). The final boss can hit hard if you’re not careful.
  • Key Boss Mechanics – Use EMP Missiles to take down the Walker’s shield and stay out of the ‘shock and awe’ red circle (you can kite it) or interrupt it. You can also interrupt the shield cast for more DPS uptime on the Walker.
Pick up EMP Missiles from the highlighted box.
[Heroic 4] Beware of Hugo
  • Soloable – Yes, easily 2-manned with healer and DPS or two DPS with companions.
  • Requirements – When soloing, mob management (CC’s, stuns, killing low health mobs first), major companion micro-managing on the Boss.
  • Comments – Mobs are pretty straight forward to deal with solo. Final two mobs can get ugly if you aggro both (which is easy to do, wait for the walking one to walk back to the mob group closest to gate before attacking second last mob). Alternatively, you can skip the final 2 mobs and just click straight on the gate and teleport all group members to the boss. Hugo is tedious and painful but soloable.
  • Key Boss Mechanics – Bleeding Effect at 5 stacks really hurts. Taking your Companion in and out of combat can help reduce the stacks they get. The boss seems to switch aggro a fair bit though. Don’t stand in his cleave ability if you have 5 stacks.
Watch out for the Bleeding Effect.
[Heroic 4] Reactor Ransom

There are two different ways to complete this Heroic. Pay the ransom to Yavok or kill Yavok.

To pay the Ransom, all you have to do is click on the Droid in the entryway of the Heroic, buy the ransom item for 15 million Credits then use it.

To proceed with the Heroic and kill Yavok, click on the Locking Mechanism terminal, kill the mobs and then Yavok.

  • Soloable – Possibly, but can be 2-manned with a DPS and Healer plus companions or 2 DPS with healing companions
  • Requirements – When soloing, mob management (CC’s, stuns, killing low health mobs first) t, minor companion micro-management
  • Comments – The mobs are straight forward to manage, the boss can be tanked and spanked pretty easily with good heals.
  • Key Boss Mechanics – The circle Yavok puts on the aggroed player does a fair bit of damage. Everything else was ignorable when 2-manning. Make sure the beam ability doesn’t hit the conduit pillar thing in the centre of the room!

Thank you for reading my guide! If you have any questions, please let me know!

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