Dantooine Treasure Hunt

If you’re the exploring type on Dantooine, there’s a strange little datapad you can find that’ll start you off on a Treasure Hunt! There are five notes to be found and they must be found in the sequential order.

What happens at the end? You’ll have to read on (or scroll down) and see for yourself!

Note: This can only be completed when the Pirate Incursion Event is active.

D. Suffy’s Note Part 1

The first datapad, D. Suffy’s Note, the one that starts you off on the hunt, can be found by a small blba tree north of the homestead with the mysterious well.

Yes, that’s it right there. It’s really tough to spot in all the Grass. But it’s there, I promise!

Here’s what it says (you can find the notes in the Mission Items Tab of your Inventory).

I’ve hidden most of the loot I’ve plundered from this raid since I don’t trust any of the other Lieutenants. If anything happens to me, I want you to have the loot brother. Don’t let these other vulturous lieutenants get their grubby hands on it. I’ve split up the directions to the treasure to ensure they can’t. I left the first clue in the farm building where we hid from the Imperials during on the of the raids.
-D. Suffy

D. Suffy’s Note Part 2

The second datapad can be found in the westernmost farm building, just north of the crop fields, near the Imperial Base.

I knew you could get past those bothersome Imperials. You were always a sneaky one. I doubt any of the other Pirates could do the same. The next clue is somewhere on this planet that is a little less green. Somewhere that meathead Yarvok may have walked right past.
-D. Suffy

D. Suffy’s Note Part 3

The next note can be found inside the building near the H4 ‘Reactor Ransom’ entrance. The entrance to the building is at the northeast corner.

If you’re reading this, then that meathead Yarvok was too dumb to notice this. Unless this is Yarvok, in which case you’re still a son of a bantha. The next clue is where a famous someone became a Jedi twice.
-D. Suffy

D. Suffy’s Note Part 4

This note is found along the cliffs southeast of the lake and east of farms.

I know it’s you reading this brother, you would spend all day staring at history holos when (we) were “out of work” during the Zakuul conquests. You’ll have to bring spare dry clothes and conquer your fear of heights for the next clue.
-D. Suffy

D. Suffy’s Note Part 5

The final note can be found at the dam (Banir Regional Energy Complex) on the northern overhang above the walkway.

You’ve made it this far, here’s the last clue. Lonely Island.
-D. Suffy

X Marks the Spot

You will find the treasure on Polly’s Island.

But what is it?

An achievement! Yay…

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