Dantooine Reputation Vendor Items

The Reputation Vendors for each respective faction can be found at each factions base. Rewards are identical on both.

The vast majority of items are bought with a Pirate Incursion exclusive event currency, “Dantooine Surveyors Notes” (DSNs). Unfortunately, this currency is bound to character.

See my Dantooine Pirate Incursion Event Guide for details on how to get Dantooine Surveyors Notes.

Item Lists

Lists of all the items on each factions Reputation Vendor.

Empire – Private Vausam
Republic – Alyava Thomcro


  • Dantooine Crop Harvester
  • Dantooine Stone Wall
  • Dantooine Stone Wall (Damaged)
  • Dantooine Stone Wall (Rubble)
  • Dantooine Tree (Large)
  • Dantooine Tree (Small)
  • Farm Fence
  • Farmer’s Cargo Transport
  • Freshly Plowed Soil
  • Homestead Rug
  • Melon Crops
  • Storage Silo
  • Tall Fruit Crops

Other Rewards

  • Ugnaught Companion Quik Vrik – “Fastest Hydrospanner in the Western Reaches” Contract
  • Dantooine Homesteader Armour Set
  • Nova Blade Gunner Armour Set
  • Nova Blade Walker
  • Steadfast Kath Hound (Mount)
  • Guard Hound (Kath Hound Pet)
  • Yarvok’s Gratitude

All the items listed with Cost and Reputation required to purchase.

DSN – Dantooine Surveyor’s Note.

Ugnaught CompanionLegend50 DSN
Dantooine Crop HarvesterChampion12 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader BandanaHero8 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader BeltNewcomer4 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader BootsHero8 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader BracersNewcomer4 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader GlovesFriend8 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader Pants Friend8 DSN
Dantooine Homesteader VestHero12 DSN
Dantooine Stone WallNewcomer 4 DSN
Dantooine Stone Wall (Damaged)Newcomer 4 DSN
Dantooine Stone Wall (Rubble)Newcomer 4 DSN
Dantooine Tree (Large)Friend8 DSN
Dantooine Tree (Small)Newcomer6 DSN
Farm FenceNewcomer4 DSN
Farmer’s Cargo TransportNewcomer6 DSN
Freshly Plowed SoilNewcomer6 DSN
Guard HoundHero25 DSN
Homestead RugNewcomer4 DSN
Melon CropsFriend8 DSN
Melon PlantFriend8 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner BeltNewcomer6 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner BootsHero12 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner BracersNewcomer6 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner GlovesFriend12 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner JacketHero18 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner MaskHero12 DSN
Nova Blade Gunner PantsFriend12 DSN
Nova Blade WalkerChampion50 DSN
Steadfast Kath HoundChampion50 DSN
Storage SiloNewcomer6 DSN
Tall Fruit CropsFriend8 DSN
Weak Dantooine Stone WallChampion 12 DSN
Yarvok’s GratitudeAchievement1 Credit

Item Previews

Armour Sets

Left – Nova Blade Gunner Armour Set, Right – Dantooine Homesteader Armour Set


Left – Kath Hound, Right – Nova Blade Walker


Quick Vrik


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