Cipher Hidden Achievements Guide

You’ve probably discovered the Dantooine Cipher Achievement by now. But, there are more Ciphers to be found on other planets! Ciphers can also be found on Ossus and Rishi. They are hidden Achievements only discovered if you find a Tome.

What does getting all these achievements–achieve? Nothing so far. But it sounds like there’s more to these achievements the meets the eye. Only time will tell.

The location of the Tomes may vary but you should be able to find each one within the general vicinity of the screenshots/map references below.

I’ve included the Dantooine Cipher as well for those who may not have it.

The Ossus Cipher

All of these are found in the main daily area of Ossus. None are in the Jedi Temple.

Secrets of Ossus, Vol 1

Volume 1 is found in a farm building near the Republic Outpost in the Farms area of Ossus.

Secrets of Ossus, Vol 2

Located in the cave that leads to the Ancient Ruins area from the Ossus Canyons near the Imperial Outpost. This Tome can spawn pretty much anywhere in this cave.

Secrets of Ossus, Vol 3

This Tome is found among the ancient ruins adjacent to the Dead Forest Imperial Quick Travel Point.

Secrets of Ossus, Vol 4

Volume 4 is also found in the Ancient Ruins east of the Republic Outpost. It can also spawn on the ship platform (seen in the screenshot below).

Secrets of Ossus, Vol 5

The final Tome can be found in the Ossus Canyons at (or in this case near) the waterfalls. Usually the upper tiers.

The Rishi Cipher

All of the volumes for this achievement can be found in Rishi Cove.

Secrets of Rishi, Vol 1

The first Volume is found in the Raiders Cove Slums.

Secrets of Rishi, Vol 2

This tome is found in this area north of the crew skill trainers.

Secrets of Rishi, Vol 3

This tome is found among the old class trainers.

Secrets of Rishi, Vol 4

Volume 4 is found in the area near the ramp that leads to the Ravagers Operation entrance.

Secrets of Rishi, Vol 5

Volume 5 is found at the Private Docks which you enter via the Slums north east of the Ravagers Operation entrance.

The Dantooine Cipher

Can be found on Dantooine while the Pirate Incursion Event is active and in peacetime.

Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 01

Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 02

Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 03

Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 04

Secrets of Dantooine, Vol 05

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  1. It appears that they have either moved some or all of the locations for The Rishi Cipher books, or the books have multiple spawn locations. I’ve only found Volumes 1 & 2 so far, but they were both in different, but nearby, locations than shown in your guide.

  2. Dantooine Vol 4 … You’ll be targeted by “polly’ and will be killed. Achieving a ‘The Polly Exclusion Principle’ achievement.

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