New Nightlife Event Vendor Rewards 2019

UPDATE: Added previews of the Companion and Electric Wall Decoration.

Star Wars The Old Republic’s annual Nightlife Event is returning on June 18th and will run until July 30th (2019). This year, they have introduced a new Vendor with new rewards and a new reward from the slots.

  • Cartel Market Certificates can now drop from the High Roller slots during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event (GU 5.10.3 Patch Notes).

Here is a list of all the new Nightlife Event items (from the GU 5.10.3 PTS). There are all found on a brand new Casino Prize Vendor.

  • Vendor – Elzza Bysuun
  • Currency – Golden Certificate
Aqualish Gambler Decoration – Personnel 1
Arcone Patron Decoration – Personnel 1
Concert Stage Decoration – Civic 5
Disguise Terminal: Bith Band Decoration – Utility 5
Electrical Wall Decoration – Civic 2
Floor Trap – Fire Decoration – Technological 2
Gamorrean Bodyguard Contract Companion 30
Kitonak Musician Decoration – Personnel 1
Nikto Patron (Female) Decoration – Personnel 1
Rodian Patron (Female) Decoration – Personnel 1
Snivvian Patron Decoration – Personnel 1
Talz Bouncer Decoration – Personnel 1
Weequay Patron Decoration – Personnel 1

Here are previews of some of the new items.

The event takes place on Nar Shaddaa, starting June 18th, in your respective factions Casino (which have quick travel points).

  • Star Cluster Casino (Imperial)
  • Club Vertica Casino (Republic)

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