There is a one-off mission found on Dantooine in its peacetime state on a Terminal inside one of the dwellings in the centre of the map (near the Republic Comms Centre).

Once you click on it, you have to find five items scattered around Dantooine. Here are there locations.

All these items are always found in the same spot but have a fairly long respawn time on them, sadly (no seriously the respawn times are ridiculous). When they’re highlighted blue and clickable, then you’re good to go!

Protocol Droid Remnant Found

Coordinates: 299,1131

Lightsaber Stash Found

Coordinates: -47,527

Archaeological Notes Found

Coordinates: 333,937

Tainted Blba Seeds Found

Coordinates: -173, 862

Preserved Kinrath Gland Found

Coordinates: -95, 316

Once you’ve found all the items, return to where the Terminal is and click on the Dropbox to claim your ‘rewards’ (Credits and CXP…)

Thank you Theho, for your assistance in finding these!

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