Character Level Boost Changes coming with Onslaught

Eric Musco, the Community Manager for Star Wars The Old Republic announced changes coming to Outlander Tokens (character level boost tokens) with the launch of Onslaught (Game Update 6.0) in September 2019.

In 6.0, the Outlander Tokens will function as follows:

  • Level 60 Character Token – Start at KOTFE
  • Level 70 Character Token – Start of Ossus

There will no longer be a Level 65 Token.

At this stage, the Master’s Datacron* will not see any changes to its functionality when Onslaught launches, However, at some stage post-Onslaught, they may add a Level 75 version of the Master Datacron.

*The Master’s Datacron is a Cartel Market Item that instantly boosts you to level 70, gives you a set of 230 Level Gear and does not affect your story progression.

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