Odessen Mysterious Observers Guide

Here’s my overview of how to find the Mysterious Observers and what happens after…

Note: You must have completed the ‘Hearts and Minds’ Mission to be able to see the Observers even if you have Macrobinoculars.

To find the Mysterious Observers hinted in the Patch Notes, go to Odessen to the Alliance Landing Area and use your Macrobinoculars.

When you click on the Unknown Camp, you will get a cutscene showing the camp.

Once the cutscene completes, you will get a Mission ‘Mysterious Observers’. This mission instructs you to go to a higher vantage point.

Go to the higher vantage point in the Alliance Operations area (up to the elevator to the instance where the last story mission ‘Hearts and Minds’ was located). Once you enter the instance, you will get another cutscene.

And yes, the camp is gone. The mission then completes itself…

If you scan the area where the camp was again, you’ll see that it’s gone without a trace.

How to get Macrobinoculars

If you don’t have Macrobinoculars, you can pick up the mission on your respective factions fleet from a mission droid. All you have to do is complete the initial mission cutscene to get the Macrobinoculars (this takes around 5 minutes at the most).

Alternatively, while the Nightlife Event is active, you can pick up the daily quest from the Pit Boss to find the Sabacc cheaters (which gives you macrobinoculars).

There is also a daily for each faction during the Dantooine Pirate Incursion Event that gives you Macrobinoculars.

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