Feats of Strength Achievements Guide (PTS)

A new category of Achievements is being introduced in Star Wars The Old Republic’s newest Expansion, Onslaught called ‘Feats of Strength’. This category is specifically for Achievements that are no longer obtainable or will no longer be obtainable when 6.0 launches.

PTS Version – 1.5


The Activities section contains the Play to Give Achievement from 2018 as well as the Onslaught PTS Achievements.

This section contains Achievements that are currently available to get on live servers (until 6.0 launches).

  • Play to Give: 2018
  • Public Activist (Phase 1)
  • Eye for an Eye


The Advancement section contains all the Galactic Command Achievements from 5.0. They have added Legacy Titles to all of these Achievements.

All of these Achievements are obtainable until 6.0 launches.

  • Upper Echelon
  • Commanding Agent
  • Commanding Inquisitor
  • Commanding Hunter
  • Commanding Warrior
  • Commanding Smuggler
  • Commanding Consular
  • Commanding Trooper
  • Commanding Knight
  • Resolute Commander

Dark vs. Light

All of the Dark vs. Light Event Achievements are in this section.

None of these Achievements are obtainable.

  • Dark vs. Light
    • Heroic Level
    • Champion Level
    • Legacy Level
    • Valient Level
    • Eternal Level
    • Legendary Level


All of the Eternity Vault and Karragga’s Palace Nightmare (Master Mode) Achievements are in this section.

None of these Achievements are obtainable.

It includes all the individual Boss kills in 8-Man, 16-Man, the surviving Achievements and the Speed Run Achievement.

I’ll keep this updated throughout the 6.0 PTS Cycle as best I can.

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