6.0 Deconstruction Basics Guide

We’ve always been able to deconstruct various Crafted Items and some types of Gear over the years in Star Wars The Old Republic. However, in Game Update 6.0, the Deconstruction System is getting an overhaul and will be integral to not just crafting but gearing as well.

What is Deconstruction?

Deconstruction breaks down items and gives you other items in return. Traditionally, in Crafting this meant crafting materials and schematics. But in 6.0, a few things are changing.

  • You can deconstruct anything regardless of whether you have the relevant Crafting Profession or not. You’ll just get less stuff.
  • Most of the time, instead of getting Crafting Materials, you will get Jawa Peddler Parts, Scrap and Junk.
  • You can deconstruct any gear that you get from drops, buy from vendors or from Renown Crates (except for Tacticals). It’ll give gear you don’t need/want a ‘purpose’.

New User Interface

With the Deconstruction changes comes a new UI that allows you to deconstruct multiple items in bulk. Here are some screenshots of how it works/looks in PTS version 1.5.

Note the UI is incomplete/bugged but functions correctly.

Deconstructing 9999 Stims, as you do…

Basically, you open the Deconstruction Inventory, then click on the items you want to deconstruct and they get added to the Deconstruction Inventory. Once you have all the items you want to deconstruct in your Inventory, you click on ‘Deconstruct’. There is a 3-second countdown, then all the things you got from deconstructing show up in your Inventory. A list also appears listing all the things you got from deconstructing your items.

What Items can you get from Deconstruction?

Here are some of the things you can get from Deconstructing Items.

  • Jawa Peddler
    • Assorted Droid Parts
    • Scavenged Scrap
    • Jawa Junk
  • Tech Fragments (see my Spoils of War Gear Vendor Article for more details)
  • Crafting Schematics (depending on profession & item being deconstructed)
  • Augmentation Slot Component MK-11’s (from select items with Crafting Profession)
  • Various Crafting Materials (from crafted items only)

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