6.0 Mercenary Changes, Set Bonuses and Tactical Items (PTS)

Listing of all the Set Bonuses and Tacticals Items available for Mercenaries on the PTS.

PTS Testing Phase – 1.5 (13th August)

NOTE – Since this is from the Onslaught PTS, this is all subject to change. It is not currently known how any of these items will be obtained.

New ‘Ability’

Mercenaries are not getting a new Ability. Instead, Rocket Out is getting 2 Charges.

New Utility Changes (WIP)

Instead of 4 Tiers, Utilities are now divided into 3 Tiers (Skillful, Masterful and Heroic) and there are now a total of 9 points to spend. You have to spend at least 3 points to access the next Tier up. To access the Masterful Tier you have to spend 3 points in Skillful. To access the Heroic Tier you have to spend 6 points in Skillful and/or Masterful. There are 8 Utilities in each Tier.

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  • Jet Escape
  • Afterburners
  • Gyroscopic Alignment Jets
  • Improved Vents
  • Boresights
  • Adhesive Supplements
  • Threat Sensors
  • Heat Damping


  • Power Barrier
  • Torque Boosters
  • Pyro Shield
  • Power Shield
  • Energy Rebounder
  • Power Overrides
  • Jet Rebounder
  • Supercharged Reserves


  • Trauma Regulators
  • Smoke Screen
  • Kolto Surge
  • Supercharged Defense
  • Stabilised Armour
  • Battlefield Protocols
  • Thrill of the Hunt
  • Tag and Bag


While Spec specific Tacticals are designed for specific specs, they can be used on any Mercenary Spec.

Bodyguard (Heals)

HP-5 Dart Device
Kolto Shot applies a lingering heal over time effect to its target.
Rocket Fuel Vapours
Kolto Missile grants a stack of Supercharge Gas for each target it hits. Supercharge Gas heals or nearby allies for x – x when activated. Kolto Missile’s cooldown is extended by 4 seconds.
Running Rapid Restoration
Rapid Scan can be cast while moving and heals for an additional 10%.

Arsenal (DPS)

Burning Bright
Dealing damage with Blazing Bolts increases the damage of your next Priming Shot, stacking up to 8 times to 100%.
Primed Ignition
Priming Shot causes its target to burn. Blazing Bolts, Heatseeker Missiles, and Tracer Missile all tick its damage.
Thernal Nuclear Fusion
Fusion Missile spreads Heat Signature. Heatseeker Missiles fire additional missiles to nearby targets affected by Heat Signature.

Innovative Ordinance (DPS)

Continuous Fire
Sweeping Blasters and Death From Above refresh and tick your Incendiary Missile burn and Serrated Shot bleed. This effect can only occur once every 2.5 seconds.
Energised Charges
The duration of Supercharge Gas and Supercharge Burn are doubled.
Magnetized Shrapnel
Explosive Dart now remains dormant on the target for 12 seconds. Mag Shot detonates it, dealing double its standard damage to the primary target.

All Mercenary Specs

Cool Your Jets
Rocket Out vents 20 heat and immobilises enemies around you for 2 seconds.
Jet Boost increases your movement spped by 50% for 3 seconds. For each enemy hit with Jet Boost, the cooldown of Hydraulic Overrides is reduced by 3 seconds.
Missile Blastback
Missile Blast knocks its target back and refunds some heat.
Power Cycle
When you use an ability with Power Surge, that ability is not put on cooldown.

Gear and Set Bonuses

Bounty Hunter

Squad Leader’s Mastery +2%
Whenever you take damage with Energy Shield a weaker shield is applied to nearby allies for 0 (typo?) seconds
Hunter Killer’s Mastery +2%
Stealth Scan also applies Stealth Protection to you scanning a small area around you
Game Plan Mastery +2%
When your Kolto Counter’s Health Monitor is triggered for the first time it deals damage back to the enemy who damage you
Woads Instinct Mastery +2%
Thermal Sensor Override gains 2 charges


Apex Predator Mastery +2% Activating Power Shot, Tracer Missile or Rapid Scan increases the critical chance of your next Power Shot, Tracer Missile or Rapid Scan by 3%. Stacks up to 5 times.
Dealing damage with Power Shot or Tracer Missile and healing with Rapid Scan grant a stack of Power Step, stacking up to 5 times. At 5 stacks, your next Power Shot, Tracer Missile or Rapid Scan is more effective and costs no Heat.
Concentrated Fire Mastery +2% Gaining a stack of Supercharge increases your critical chance by 10% for 10 seconds. This effect can only occur once evvery 10 seconds.
Doing damage or healing an ally has a 5% chance to build a Supercharge can only happen once per 3 seconds.
Notorious Mastery +2% Power Surge grants Precision Targeting, increases armor penetration by 10% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once a minute.
Power Surge grants an additional charge.
Tech Medic Mastery +2% Onboard AED become san instant-cast.
Chaff Flare heals all allies around you.


Charges basically allow you to use select Abilities more than once, depending on the number of Charges they have. For example, if an ability has 2 charges on it, you can use the Ability twice. 
You have to have at least 1 Charge to be able to use an Ability with Charges.

When you use an Ability with a Charge once, it uses up one Charge and the Charge timer goes on ‘cooldown’. When the cooldown timer is up, you will gain another ‘Charge’. If you use all the Charges the Ability has, you have to wait for the cooldown timer to complete to be able to use the Ability again.

Mercenaries have Set Bonuses and an Ability with Charges.

Bounty Hunter 4 Set Bonus – Woads Instinct (Thermal Sensor Override) 2 2 minutes
Mercenary Ability –Rocket Out 2 20 seconds
Mercenary 6 Set Bonus – Notorious (Power Surge) 2 1 minute

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