6.0 Ability Charges Guide

In Game Update 6.0, the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers are introducing a new combat system to the game, tied to select Abilities called, Charges.

What are Charges?

Charges basically allow you to use select Abilities more than once, depending on the number of Charges they have. For example, if an ability has 2 charges on it, you can use the Ability twice.
You have to have at least 1 Charge to be able to use an Ability with Charges.

When you use an Ability with a Charge once, it uses up one Charge and the Charge timer goes on ‘cooldown’. When the cooldown timer is up, you will gain another ‘Charge’. If you use all the Charges the Ability has, you have to wait for the cooldown timer to complete to be able to use the Ability again.

We are introducing new tech in Onslaught which will allow abilities to have multiple charges, meaning you can use them more than once (per charge) and the cooldown will simply add a charge up to the maximum.

What Abilities, Set Bonuses & Tacticals have Charges?

The following Classes have Abilities with Charges or have Set Bonuses or Tacticals which give Abilities Charges.

Mercenary Ability – Rocket Out 2 20 seconds
Mercenary 6 Set Bonus – Notorious (Power Surge) 2 1 minute
Powertech Tactical – Second Hand (Grapple) 2 45 seconds
Powertech 6 Set Bonus –  Double Charge (Jet Charge) 2 15 seconds
Bounty Hunter 4 Set Bonus – Woads Instinct (Thermal Sensor Override) 2 2 minutes
Operative Ability – Exfiltrate 2 10 seconds
Operative 4 Set Bonus – Debilitator (Exfiltrate) 2 6 seconds
Operative 6 Set Bonus – Debilitator (Debilitate) 2 45 seconds
Sniper 6 Set Bonus – Precise Targeter (Laze Target) 3 1 minute
Sorcerer Ability – Volt Rush 3 10 seconds
Assassin Tactical – Herra’s Persistance (Phantom Stride) 2 30 seconds
Sith Warrior Ability – Rabid Furor 4 30 seconds
Sith Warrior Set Bonus – Nimble Master (Force Charge) 2 15 seconds

How Charges Look on your UI

Charges appear on the bottom right corner of an Ability. When one Charge gets used, the number is reduced and a Cooldown timer to get the Charge back is visually indicated on the Ability in the form of a ‘clock hand’ which rotates clockwise.

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