Onderon Collector Mission Guide

Here is my Guide to the one-off Onderon Collector Mission.

On Imperial side, you can pick up this mission in the market area of the Royal Hunting Lodge by clicking on a Datapad.

Hunting Lodge Map


Note a couple of the items are inside tombs/crypts.


Here are some screenshots of the locations. You may have to wait for the items to respawn if they’re not there. Respawn time is likely 5-10 minutes.

Kith Kark’s Saber

Mandalorian Armor

King Ommin’s Exoskeleton

Queen Talia’s Necklace

Is inside a damaged tomb next to the crashed Republic ship.

Tomb Interior
Tomb Entrance

Tome of Freedom Nadd

Is located inside the ancient Sith Crypt

Tome location
Crypt Map

Mission Completion Rewards

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