Onderon Hidden Achievements Guide

Here is my Onderon Hidden Achievements Guide

Do not read any further if you’d prefer to discover them for yourself!

Updated with Sensile Blossom Locations.


Find the Flirron Hatchling and feed it Tasty Morsels.

Feed the Flirron Hatchling one Tasty Morsel to discover the hidden achievement. You will need to feed the Flirron Hatchling a total of 15 times to complete the achievement.

The Flirron Hatchling has two known spawn locations. It is not at both locations at the same time.

Location 1 (Inside Central Cave)
Location 2 ( Wanders around that area)

Tasty Morsels can be found in the following locations. Click on one to collect it. It will go into your Mission Items tab in your inventory. The respawn time is roughly 5-10 minutes(?)

Known Tasty Morsel Locations
Spawn Location 1

Known Tasty Morsel Spawn Locations

Spawn Location 2
Spawn Location 4
Spawn Location 3
Spawn Location 5

Onderon Botanist

Discover Strange subspecies of plants on Onderon.

  • Glimmering Broadleaf
  • Heliophysics Fungus
  • Leeching Frond
  • Sensile Blossom
  • Uncanny Rotstem

All plants have at least two spawn locations. However, for the achievement, you only need to click on one plant of each type.


North Cave Heliophytoc Fungus Location
Central Cave Heliophytoc Fungus Location

Glimmering Broadleaf

West of Ancient Sith Crypt and north-east of Proving Grounds along the Stream.

Near Southern Caves south entrance

Heliophytoc Fungus

Northern and Central Caves and Oasis

Northern Cave
Central Cave

Leeching Frond

North of Iziz and centre of the lake near Mandalorian Camp

North Iziz
Mandalorian Camp

Senile Blossom

East of the Imperial Cave Camp* and North of Iziz Bridge

Imperial Cave Camp
North of Iziz Bridge

*Thanks to Theho and their Guildmate for the tip!

Uncanny Rotstem

Ancient Sith Crypt (above)


Thank you for reading this Guide! If you have any tips or additional spawn locations for items feel free to share them here or DM me on Discord or Twitter.

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