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6.1.4 Assassin Tanking PvE Guide by Jaydenz

Written by Jaydenz, Edited by Xam Xam.

Republished with permission from Jaydenz. Original Guide –

For a Basic Assassin Tanking Guide, check out Swtorista & Jaydenz’ Assassin Tanking Guide on Swtorista’s website –

Updated for Game Update 6.1.4 | Last Updated – 2nd November (Added Tactical Recommendations to all Boss Encounters + Dxun NIM added!)


Assassin tanks are one of the three tank classes in SWTOR. This guide covers the basics about rotation, gearing (including tacticals and amplifiers) and abilities.

Gearing and Stats

DTPS X Spike Damage

I usually don’t care too much about my DTPS, because it’s more important to save cooldowns to avoid spike damage or to save them for phases of hard heal check rather than wasting everything during phases where you take almost no damage and die to spikes. I’ve seen situations where the tank takes no damage but then takes a lot of spikes and dies. It helps a lot if you know what type of damage/attack the boss will do and when, so you can avoid it. Record yourself playing, watch videos and you can also check your combat logs after the raid, be in Starparse so you can check your damage taken and death logs, so you can always see what killed you and what you can do to improve (there’s a difference between dying to a 140k spike because you didn’t pop a cooldown and you take a lot of damage in a 15 seconds window and die because healers didn’t heal you at all). DTPS won’t kill you most likely, spike damage can kill you easily.

Defensive stats/damage type

This section is important for gearing and understanding how defensives work.

  • Damage types: Kinetic, Energy, Internal, Elemental
  • Attack types: Melee/ Ranged (can be Kinetic/Energy) or Force/Tech (can be any of the four type of damage, Kinetic/Energy or Internal/Elemental)
  • Armor: Reduces damage taken from Kinetic and Energy damage (the attack type can be Melee, Ranged, Force or Tech)
  • Damage Reduction: Reduces damage taken from any type of damage (Internal, Elemental, Kinetic and Energy). The DR for Kinetic and Energy has a bonus from armor, while the Internal/Elemental DR isn’t affected by armor. For Internal/Elemental DR, Assassins/Shadows have 24%, Juggernauts/Guardians have 21% without Aegis Assault buff and Powertechs/Vanguard have 19%.
  • Defense: the chance to avoid Melee/Ranged attacks, 2% chance to resist Force/Tech attacks. (you defend the hit completely or take the hit and that’s the issue with Defense itself, sometimes even with a Defense boost cooldown, you can’t defend Melee/Ranged attacks and there are spikes of that attack type looks at EC Kephess, Tyth and Calphayus).
  • Shield: can reduce damage taken from Kinetic/Energy damage. If you don’t parry/resist/deflect, Shield has a chance of mitigating it (the Shield  % you have). With that in mind, you cannot shield Internal/Elemental Damage (but you can resist it with Force/Tech resistance cooldowns). Requires a personal Shield (The Shield offhand).
  • Absorb: Percentage of damage absorbed by your personal Shield.

Reduced Damage Taken X Damage Reduction:

It sounds like the same thing but it’s not the same. Have you ever noticed that Energy Shield is stronger than Cloak of Pain, even knowing they are supposed to be similar? So Energy Shield increases Damage Reduction, while Cloak of Pain reduces your damage taken. All the damage you see is post-mitigation. A lot of tooltips aren’t accurate and they say Damage Reduction but they reduce your damage taken.

The difference is simple: Damage Reduction is passive mitigation, if you’re going to take a 100k hit and you’re at 50% DR, it will reduce that hit to 50k.

Reduced damage taken is post-mitigation after that hit was mitigated. Let’s say you’re using a cooldown that reduces your damage taken by 20%, so it will reduce the 50k hit by 20%, which is going to reduce 10k from that hit, which means 40k hit. Not counting any shielding (absorb shields), which would make that number even lower. Overcharge Saber and Steely Spike are Damage Reduction cooldowns. Defensive cooldowns that increase Damage Reduction works for both Kinetic/Energy and Internal/Elemental DR. The various mitigations are multiplied together.

The process of mitigation should be something like:

Immunities/Deflecting/Parrying/Defending/Dodging/Resists > Shielding (from your Personal Shield) > Damage Reduction (includes Armor if it’s not Internal/Elemental) > Reduced Damage Taken cooldowns > Absorb shields (External Sources or not your personal Shield)

External Sources or outside personal Shield: Sonic Wall, Static Barrier, Shield Probe, Emergency Power.

Assassin Specific

Dark Ward – It’s important to mention Dark Ward. It’s a free 15% Shield increase (18% with Dark Bastion, passive level 68). It gives you 15 stacks. You want to keep it up 100% of the time, you should refresh when it’s about to fall off  (Try to track your buff, if you can’t, just refresh when the ability is off cooldown and get used to tracking it, take your time). Dark Ward lasts 20 seconds and can be refreshed every 10 seconds. When you shield an attack, you lose one stack and gives 1% absorption (Dark Bulwark, passive level 32). The absorption can stack up to 8 times and lasts 20 seconds, but if you refresh Dark Ward, you lose the extra absorption. You only lose the extra shield if you let Dark Ward expire completely. You can increase the number of stacks to 20 with the Tactical Item Ward of Continuum.


My logic of gearing a tank is pretty similar for every class. When I decide to gear up my tank, I don’t go for numbers like 3000 or 400 of a certain stat, I go for the percentage at the end.

My stats are for 306 gear, for lower item rating just aim for something similar if you’re following my method. 

  • NOTE 1: Most survivability comes from defensive cooldowns.
  • NOTE 2: I have full 306 gear + 286 augments
  • NOTE 3: If you feel like using DPS stats, go for tier 2 alacrity (1213)

Something new with 6.0 is the Reverse Bolster in old raids, where it brings you down to level 70 instead of scaling up to 75, that means your stats are going to be capped (Endurance, Mastery and Power)

This is my prog set. During a progression environment, I prefer to play safer and use more heavy defence (mainly for Nightmare prog, for Hard Mode doesn’t matter as much) I just use regular armorings, High Endurance Mods (Warding B) and High Endurance Enhancements (Vigilant and Steadfast). My tactical I change depending on the encounter (been using Two Cloaks a lot, sometimes using Friend of the Force). For Amplifiers, I usually roll with Armor Penetration until I need to use a defensive one (which will require me to know the damage profile of the raid/encounter so I can pick the best ones for the situation)

This set is my general set, which I have Vigilant and Steadfast Enhancements (high endurance), Lethal Mods (Regular ones) and Resistive Armorings (Regular 80 or 80R-1, they have same stats). Amplifiers are Armor Penetration for more damage, but you can roll defensive amps (see Amplifiers section for more information).

For old raids, you will be capped at 9657 Endurance, 8265 Mastery and 2557 Power on tanks for anything NiM except Gods and 11898 Endurance, 9119 Mastery and 2983 Power inside Gods from the Machine, which means it’s not worth it to run Power mods, so just stick with Defense for that. Defense is not the greatest Stat but you won’t be wasting it since it’s not hard-capped for some reason. I made a set of gear for old raids since getting gear is extremely easy, including set bonuses.

On this specific set, I use high defense mods and high mitigation enhancements (the highest shield/absorb and defense ones, see Mods and Enhancements for more details)

I aim for the 50% shield build on every tank class. Why?

Because the way stats work. Shield and Absorption work together. If you don’t shield, you won’t absorb damage, so that means if you have higher shield, you have a higher chance of mitigating damage and the absorption is the amount of damage you will absorb. As Assassin, you have Dark Ward, which gives you 18% Shield, that means you can have 70% shield if you hit 52%.. (Shield makes you less spiky)

Why Alacrity over Critical for DPS stats?

If you can hit the 1.4s GCD (1213) it’s going to be better not only because you’re fitting more GCDs on your rotation, but due the reduced cooldown on some defensive abilities (the ones where the cooldown is affected by alacrity) like your Overcharge Saber and Recklessness. Below or too much above that number, Crit is going to be better.

My gear composition is:

  • Armorings: Resistive (Normal 80 or 80R-1)
  • Mods: Lethal Unlettered for unsynced raids (but for prog purposes, I recommend Warding B). You can use the Lethal B mods if you really want the extra HP or don’t have spare mods. For old raids, you should go for Warding Unlettered or any Warding Mod since Power is hard-capped at 2557. The mods with highest Defense rating are the Warding 80R-20, while for highest Mastery and Endurance they are the normal A and B respectively.
  • Enhancement: I prefer Vigilant and Steadfast for the high endurance, but if you prefer the higher mitigation ones should work. For old content, it won’t matter a lot since the difference between using full High Endurance Enhancements X Full Mitigation will be less than 1% difference on your Shield and Absorb. For Enhancements, the highest Shield/Absorb are the Immunity 80R-1 and Sturdiness 80R-1, while highest Defense are Immunity 80R-20 and Sturdiness 80R-20. Now for the highest Endurance, go with regular Vigilant and Steadfast.
  • Augments: It will totally depend on your enhancement/earpiece composition. I have 12 shield augments to hit the 52% shield and still have some decent absorption.
  • Relics: My favorite relics are the Shield Matrix and Avoidance. They don’t have a proc but they give you 723 stat of Shield or Absorption (Which is pretty big on your stats, almost 2 enhancements 306). If you really want you can run DPS Relics for Dxun, which I prefer Focused Retribution and Devastating Vengeance (BiS for Tank DPS). For old content, Devastating Vengeance should work, but Focused Retribution proc will be wasted due Mastery cap.
  • Implants/Ear: I use Sha’tek ones but there isn’t a big difference between them.Set Bonuses: With the new 6.0 set bonuses, all the old set bonuses aren’t a thing anymore. You have a lot of new sets for each spec and even general set bonuses (that works for every class). I searched each one of them and I selected a few that could be used for PVE Tanking (but you should pick one). Keep in mind that you lost your taunt cooldown reduction from 3.0-5.0. I use 6 pieces of Efficient Termination + 1 Amplified Champion. Set bonuses that aren’t the best options are greyed out.

Set Bonuses

With the new 6.0 set bonuses, all the old set bonuses aren’t a thing anymore. You have a lot of new sets for each spec and even general set bonuses (that works for every class). I searched each one of them and I selected a few that could be used for PVE Tanking (but you should pick one). Keep in mind that you lost your taunt cooldown reduction from 3.0-5.0. I use 6 pieces of Efficient Termination + 1 Amplified Champion.


Efficient Termination Endurance +2% Spike’s stun and slow effects last for an additional second Using Spike grants you 10% damage reduction for 6 seconds.
Saber Master Endurance +2% Reduces the cooldown of Overcharge Saber by 20 seconds Killing an enemy during Overcharge Saber refreshes the duration of Overcharge Saber. Can occur up to 5 times during one Overcharge Saber
Death Knell Mastery +2% The cooldown of Recklessness is reduced by 15 seconds Whenever you consume a charge of Recklessness you gain a stack of Reckless Slaughter, increasing melee damage done by 10% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Ballast Point 2% Endurance Deflection grants Ballistic Immunity for 6 seconds, giving you immunity to movement impairing effects, knockdowns and physics. Elemental, Internal, Kinetic and Energy damage reduction is increased by 3%


Amplified Champion This equipment shell is enhanced with additional powerful Amplifier opportunities.
  • Efficient Termination – This is my set bonus. Steely Spike got nerfed coming to live but it’s still a good option.
  • Saber Master – Worth it for the reduced cooldown on Overcharge Saber.
  • Death Knell – DPS set bonus if you wanna go for more damage
  • Ballast Point – Master Mode Dxun drop. As much as it sounds like a good set, Efficient Termination is still going to be a better survivability gain overall. Deflection on Hydraulics isn’t really something you’re going to use (especially in Dxun, maybe you can use that to cheese push/pulls on bosses where Defense doesn’t matter at all, but I recommend using Deflection as defensive (even if it’s not reliable).
  • Rebuking Assault – This specific Set Bonus drops from Dxun and isn’t available on the vendor. It can work for AoE situation but the maximum damage reduction you will get is 8% and I recommend to use only if you’re going to have 8 targets to keep your Damage Reduction up.
  • Dire Retaliation – I would not use this specific set bonus unless I don’t have anything better.
  • Shadow Purger – I could see this one being used in some situations but it’s weaker than a lot of other options.


They modify the way an ability or passive of your class works. I’ve been experimenting them and I decided to separate my favourites or more specific for tanking.

  • Friend of the Force
  • Two Cloaks


Ancient Tome of Wrath Wither generates Redirected Wrath stacks for every enemy it hits, increasing your Shield Absorption by 2% per stack for 5 seconds Flashpoint Bosses
Shroud of a Shadow Using Force Shroud while Dark Ward is active consumes Dark Ward and extends the duration of Force Shroud by .25 seconds for each Dark Ward stack consumed Operation Bosses
Ward of the Continuum Dark Ward gains 5 addition stacks and Phantom Stride resets its cooldown Flashpoint Bosses
  • Ancient Tome of Wrath – This tactical got nerfed to the ground coming to live, so I recommend not using it unless you don’t have anything better.
  • Shroud of a Shadow – That’s a really situational tactical, probably wouldn’t recommend buying.
  • Ward of the Continuum – Doesn’t change anything, still not worth it since it’s Defense Chance.


Friend of the Force Force Shroud also applies to any ally you are guarding Daily/Weekly Mission Crates
Two Cloaks Force Cloak has 2 charges PvP Crates
  • Friend of the Force – Really good tactical. Extra mitigation for a party member (it can save someone’s life too). Good for progression.
  • Two Cloaks – Double Cloak. This is going to be your best tactical by far for the most encounters since you have a utility to gain 2 seconds of Force Shroud after you vanish. It also allows you to cheese more mechanics by stealthing and it’s the best tactical for progression.


Durasteel Wall Successfully parrying, deflecting, or dodging an attack while under 80% health increases your damage reduction by 1% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Daily/Weekly Mission Crates
Krall’s Accord Cycles between buffing Mastery, Accuracy, Power, Defense, Critical, Absorb, Alacrity and Shield in that order. Onslaught Story
Overwhelming Offense Dealing damage increases all damage done for 2 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Daily/Weekly Mission Crates
The Life Warden Taking damage below 20% health will heal you for a large amount, 10-minute cooldown. Conquest Crates
  • Durasteel Wall – General tactical, if you don’t have anything else
  • Krall’s Accord – Not a bad tactical for tanks, you can use that to start
  • Overwhelming Offense – I recommend using this tactical for more damage
  • The Life Warden – Heals you up super fast. Like having Kolto Overload. Not the worst thing.


With 6.0, the amplifiers were introduced into the game. What are Amplifiers?

They are buffs that come on your gear (Shell, Armoring, Mod, Hilt, Barrel, Relics, Earpiece, Implant). They can buff you on multiple aspects like combat (increasing your damage reduction, damage dealt, healing output), crafting and gathering (efficiency) and even some quality of life/rewards (flashpoint, operations, PvP, more experience).

Each amplifier can come on 4 tiers (Premium, Prototype, Artifact and Legendary) and every time you obtain a piece, it can come with a random amplifier that you can re-roll until you get the one you want. For each slot, there are different types of amplifiers. Every re-roll gets more and more expensive (starts at around 20k and stops at 1.2M more or less, so if it gets too expensive, I recommend getting a new Armoring/Hilt)

  • Shells: Crafting and quality of life (combat if Amplified Champion Shell)
  • Armourings/Hilts/Barrels: Combat
  • Mods: Crafting and quality of life
  • Implants/Earpiece: Crafting and quality of life
  • Relics: Crafting and quality of life

Since the focus is PVE, I recommend focusing on getting Combat amplifiers first and focus on the others if you are crafter/gatherer.

Here are some relevant amplifiers: (NOTE: Amplified Champion can only have Premium and Prototype quality amplifiers; NOTE 2: the values are per amplifier).

(DPS) Force Sensitivity Increases the damage dealt by Force attacks 0.10% – 1.00%
(DPS) Armour Penetration Kinetic and energy damage attacks ignore a portion of the target’s armour 1.10% – 2.50%
(DPS) Weapon Expertise Increases the damage dealt by weapon attacks 0.24% – 1.20%
(Tank) Aural Resistance Reduces the damage taken from attacks that affect an area 0.10% – 1.00%
(Tank) En Garde Reduce damage taken for 10 seconds after entering combat 0.60% – 2.00%
(Tank) Force Protection Reduces the damage taken from Force attacks 0.10% – 1.00%
(Tank) Fortuitous Redoubt Reduces the damage taken from Force attacks 0.05% – 0.50%
(Tank) Periodic Resilience Reduces the damage taken from periodic effects 0.22% – 2.20%
(Tank) Reinforced Armour Reduces damage taken from weapon attacks 0.12% – 1.20%
(Tank) Tech Aegis Reduces the damage taken from tech attacks 0.10% – 1.00%

For every boss encounter, you would need different amplifiers, at the start of an expansion, you probably can’t afford making multiple sets due Tech Fragments being the limiting factor, so  you have to make a choice of which amplifiers you wanna go for. As the expansion goes, you should be able to make multiple sets of gear for every encounter in the game and switch accordingly. That requires you to know the damage profile of every encounter. Always try to go for Legendary amplifiers or the best you can get.

As example, you can have a full Tech Aegis set made for Gods from the Machine where bosses deal a lot of Tech Damage, but the same amplifiers aren’t going to be good inside Dread Palace since every boss deals Force Damage.

My recommendations to start: if you want damage amplifiers, go for Armor Penetration. The reason is that most of your damage is Kinetic, and Armor Penetration affects Kinetic and Energy Damage (only Discharge is Internal, but you don’t spam it all the time).

If you want defensive amplifiers, start with Aural Resistance, since you take a lot of AoE damage on every raid in the game. En Garde isn’t a bad option either since you can have a mini Energy Shield every time you stealth and re-enter combat.

Once you’re doing Master Mode progression, if you feel like damage is overwhelming you a lot, try to find out what’s the most dangerous attack types within the encounter and get the appropriate amplifiers.

A good way to build sets of all amplifiers is if you get a legendary amplifier of X, just save it for when it’s needed.


Here are all the utilities available for Assassin. Tiers were changed and Phasing Phantasm got completely changed for Tanks, which means you’re not forced to take it all the time anymore. The utilities not used very often for PVE are greyed out. You have 9 utilities and you need to take 3 on Skillful, 6 total between Skillful and Masterful then you can take 3 on Heroic.




Abilities, Cooldowns and Passives


Here are the important ones for PvE. Not mentioning how much damage each ability does because it will change depending on your gear.


As Assassin Darkness, you have a lot of defensive cooldowns, some of them are really powerful. It’s really important you use your defensives properly for the hardest content in-game, especially because Assassins mitigation come a lot from how you use your cooldowns, different from Juggernauts and Powertechs that triggers a lot of mitigation from rotation (a lot of passives from the tree will trigger with rotation, giving you extra stats, for Assassins, you have Dark Protection, which increases your damage reduction by 1% per stacks when you use your Depredating Volts with 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness or exit stealth, stacks get capped at 4).

Like I mentioned before, the best way to know when you have to pop cooldowns is knowing the fight, when you can or need to use defensives due to bosses hitting hard or heal check coming. Most people don’t understand, but defensive cooldowns are used to mitigate damage or prevent them, so you pop before you are going to get hit, depending on the situation, the boss can just instant kill you for not popping anything since it will drop you from 100% to 0% in 2 seconds and healers aren’t going to be able to heal you. Even without Force Speed DR, the class is still great for progression (Force Shroud is really strong).

*Note: Real Damage/God damage you can’t mitigate normally with Defense/Shield/Absorb, those are rare but existent (Izax is the best example, like Omnicannon, Tether and other attacks).


One thing important in my opinion is knowing the passives of your spec to optimize your rotation and performance on the fights. No changes from 5.0.



You will use your highest threat skills and 2 taunts. You no longer have the set bonus that allows a 3rd taunt on the rotation that early, you can still do but will be a few seconds off. If you can, be in stealth before you pull since it gives you 4 stacks of Dark Protection when you come out.

This is my opener:

Note: Taunts and Recklessness doesn’t consume a Global Cooldown.

Note 2: You can run or Phantom Stride to the boss after your Force Pull, I don’t recommend using Phantom Stride for every situation (since it can bug out and send you off the map).

Note 3: If you have a Juggernaut or somebody else applying Unsteady Debuff, you can replace Discharge with a Thrash (Avoid using Discharge without proc). 

Note 4: If you don’t proc Maul on your opener, just use a Thrash instead and replace the Thrash after Depredating Volts with Maul

Single Target Priority

Assassins have Priority System Rotation like many other classes. Note: Assassinate, Maul, Thrash and Lacerate proc Energize, which makes your Shock reset the cooldown and deals 50% more critical damage if consumes a Recklessness Stacks. You wanna get as many Energize proc as you can. Avoid using a gcd that does proc Shock if Shock is coming off cooldown on the next gcd. If you have a 6 set pieces Efficient Termination, you wanna fit Spike into your rotation, especially to prevent spike damage. You wanna try to replace a Thrash if possible but if you have to pop it as defensive and delay higher priority for that, do it, it’s more important your survivability.

For above 30% on boss HP:

  1. Depredating Volts (when it’s glowing/you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness)
  2. Shock (on cooldown, unless you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness)
  3. Wither (on cooldown)
  4. Maul (only when you have Conspirator’s Cloak up)
  5. Thrash
  6. Discharge (only once every 45 seconds to apply Unsteady on the target or 2+ targets and if you have a proc)
  7. Saber Strike (force management)

When you get to execute (sub 30%), this is your priority (Or Reaper’s Rush utility)

  1. Assassinate
  2. Depredating Volts (when it’s glowing/you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness)
  3. Shock (on cooldown, unless you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness)
  4. Wither (on cooldown)
  5. Maul (only when you have Conspirator’s Cloak up)
  6. Thrash
  7. Discharge (only once every 45 seconds to apply Unsteady on the target or 2+ targets and if you have a proc)
  8. Saber Strike (force management)

AoE Priority

Wither is your hardest hitting AoE ability and builds stacks of Harnessed Darkness. Discharge is your second hardest hitting AoE and applies Unsteady debuff and makes your Lacerate deals 15% more damage to affected targets. Severing Slash does more damage than Lacerate but it’s a conal, while Lacerate is a 360 cleave, so if you aren’t going to hit all your targets, don’t use Severing Slash.

Your priority will be

  1. Wither
  2. Discharge
  3. Severing Slash (If you can hit all targets)
  4. Lacerate

Tips and Tricks

How to Improve

I mentioned a bit of improvement on the DTPS X Spike Damage topic, but it’s important to mention again. If you just started tanking now and feel you’re still not at the level you wanted, you can always improve, everyone needs to start somewhere. Always practice, that’s the best way to improve your performance as Tank, even if you have to run SM Operations and Flashpoints, they definitely will help you. Don’t be afraid of attempting HM Operations, since they are the best way besides for NiM ops to increase your raid awareness and learn about defensive cooldowns since some bosses will hit you really hard. If you can, record yourself playing and use Starparse even if the raid doesn’t require (use for yourself) and check your combat logs. When you’re starting, one really important thing is don’t panic during pulls, that can lead you to lose your focus completely and wipes can happen from the Tank panicking during pulls. Unexpected things can happen during pulls and you need to learn what’s going on. If you can watch other people playing and ask advice, don’t be shy.

My main thing as a player, in general, is trying to understand how the mechanics and bosses attacks work. I try to find patterns so I can optimize my tanking path(if requires a lot of movement) and my cooldown usage (maybe I need to save a defensive for later or I don’t have to, only knowing how the encounter works to make sure). Also, I try to look at the fight as always something that I can do better. Each raid group you join might have different strategies, if you understand how the fight works, will be a lot easier to adapt to their way to do (yes, groups can have different positions for tanks when to swap or even avoid swap depending on the strategy they use).

Raid Tips

It’s really important to know how every encounter works. For tanking, I really recommend learning the damage profiles and mechanics (including tank swaps). I will leave some raid tips for some raids assuming their highest difficulty mode. Knowing if you have to save defensive cooldowns for spikes or just use them to reduce DTPS is really important (reminding: Force Shroud isn’t a defensive cooldown if it’s Melee/Ranged, only Force/Tech).


How to get it and use

One important tool used by raiders on SWTOR is Starparse, a program that read your combat logs generated in-game. You can download it here:

To enable Combat Logs, you need to go to Preferences > Combat Logging > check the “Enable combat logging to file” and restart your game.

Once you have Combat Logs enabled and Starparse downloaded, you need to join a group on Starparse. To join a group, go on Raiding > Settings and type the group name + password (your raid leader will probably have it made for the team to use). You can make your own group too if you want for parsing or something. Once you have everything set up, click on Raid.

Once you join the Raid on Starparse, should show a lot of info like DPS, DTPS, TPS, HPS, EHPS, APM. After each pull it should display death log for when you die, showing the exact time you or somebody died.

Once you click on one of the Deaths, should display the last 10 seconds of all the actions (includes bosses attacks, healing received, damage done, damage taken). Checking death logs can be important since it can tell you how you died so quickly if you could pop a cooldown or was just lack of heals. Here is an example of a death log, you can check and uncheck the options for a better view.

If you wanna have Starparse overlays displaying on your screen, go to Interface and check the ones you want and move them around your screen (place it where you want them to be). Once you set them the way you want, just check “Lock Overlays”, so you don’t move them around by accident for just clicking them.

About the Author

People call me Jaydenz or Omegadenz, I play SWTOR since 3.0 came out but I didn’t start raid until the last couple weeks of 3.0 and since then, I’ve cleared all the HM/NiM content available in the game pre 6.0 as Tank and DPS. Played all the 3 tank classes and Powertech DPS for the most part. Cleared most content as a healer too. All the clears includes World First 5/5 Gods From The Machine NiM/MM and World Second Timed Run. Cleared Dxun HM/VM on live servers and most old content in 6.0. I raid with <Failure> Group Emerald on Satele Shan and used to raid with <Origin> on Star Forge. I would like to thanks Dongo and Sevenfaced for the opportunity in Failure, Roscoe for giving me a chance in Origin, Firebrand and Jacen for giving me some of my first raiding opportunities in Entity and all my teammates and friends like Sabz, Var, Kell, Nyyah, Ryann, Adorbs, Deatch, Mac, Auro, Mon, Blas, Spice, Laet, Marisi, Narwhal, Karnage, Mari, Myschaa, Famine, Sion and Zin. Thanks to Freaky, Nyyah, Mac and Shotzz for reviews and help while writing this guide.

If you would like to contact me, message me in-game (I have a Jaydenz character on every server) or Discord Jaydenz#6788. If you wanna make me really happy, send me a Fiery Grophet :3

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