Dxun SM/HM Operation Guide – Red (The Pack Leader)

Written and compiled by Herc and <Process>, Edited by Xam Xam. SM Strategy was written by Xam Xam.


A Guide to The Pack Leader (Red) encounter in The Nature of Progress (Dxun) Operation.

  • SM HP: 13,069,128 (8 Man)
  • HM HP: 23,175,922 (8 Man)

Boss Mechanics

Acid Jet: Conal Elemental jet with a 6 Second Cast

Hydrochloric Pool: 2 second Cast that drops a pool of goo on the person who has aggro while the cast goes off. If you stand in this you do reduced damage and healing, as well as your defence is lowered.

Flower Buff: Buff that halves your stacks (Does this 3 times while standing in it) of Red Venom and prevents gaining stacks for a minute.

Festering Wound: Cleave

Red Venom Debuff:  Internal Damage every 2 seconds.

SM Strategy and Notes

  • Comp: 2 Tank (or 1 tank, 1 DPS w/ Taunt), 2 Heals, 4 DPS
  • Boss: Red
  • Adds: Stampeding Bull and Venomous Stalker


Basically this fight is a tank and spank with a couple of mechanics. Periodically everyone in the raid will start accumulating Red Venom stacks. These stacks can be removed by clicking on flowers. When you click on the flower, a circle appears. Everyone needs to stand on the circle to remove the stacks of Red Venom.

The main tank is responsible for moving the boss close to the flowers so everyone can use them when activated to remove the stacks of Red Venom.

The boss also periodically spawns Hydrocholic Pools. They are big pink circles. Get out of them as soon as you can. They hurt if stood in for a prolonged period.

  • Tank/s: Basically move Red as needed to the flowers and point the conal away from everyone. 
  • DPS: DPS the boss, threat drop as needed and stay out of Hydrochloric Acid Pools and conal.
  • Heals: DPS for the first 10% or so of the bosses health than heal. You’ll probably be able to off DPS for most of the fight except when everyone’s Red Venom Stacks start to get high.

Strategy Notes

For the first 10% or so nothing really happens so everyone can just DPS. The Tank can move Red towards the first flower once the boss gets below 90%. Tank Red close to the first Flower but facing away from it. Do not tank Red on top of a Flower. This increases the chance of a Hydrocholic Pool spawning on the flower (which can be bad).

The Tank/s also need to point the Acid Jet (conal) away from the raid. When Red is casting Acid Jet, the tank can move out of it. Red does not move when casting Acid Jet. Therefore, it is safe for the tank to move out of the Acid jet conal without having to worry about pointing it towards other players. The Acid Jet cast can be interrupted if the tank prefers to not deal with it.

Avoid standing in the Hydrocholic Pools. The cast for it can also be interrupted if your group prefers to not deal with them. (This obviously impacts DPS so most groups don’t bother).

Healers can click on the flower when they get to a point where they can’t manage the Red Venom stacks. (Usually around 6-10 stacks). Everyone then needs to stand in the blue circle around the flower to purge the Red Venom stacks.

The tank tanking Red then needs to gradually move Red up the path towards the next Flower. Once the stacks of Red Venom build up again, move to the next flower then click on the flower when stacks get to over 6+.

Once you get up to the second Flower, do not go any further up the path unless you start accumulating a third round of stacks.

You should be able to DPS the boss down before a third round of stacks and the adds spawning. If the adds do spawn and get aggroed, kill the Stampeding Bull first before any other add type. The off-tank/DPS with taunt should grab the Stampeding Bull. If the boss is at or below 15-10% when adds spawn just focus the boss.

HM Strategy

  • Ideal Comp: 1 Tank, 6 DPS (1 DPS With Taunt), 1 Heals

This strategy is built around nuking the boss so you do not have to deal with the adds as the terrain messes with the Thrasher being visible for some people (bug).

We will make a guide that focuses on killing the adds at a later date.

Raid Buffs on Pull

Tank: Pull the boss and drag it close to the flower. 15 seconds in the boss will throw a pool on YOU so make sure you are not on the flower. Melee should be able to DPS the boss while standing in the flower. 21 seconds in the boss will jet. Make sure you have taunted multiple times and have the boss faced away. Jet happens every 30 seconds. Pool happens every 45 seconds.

DPS W Taunt: Click the flower when the raid reaches 3 stacks of Red Venom. Take the boss after the second jet which is 1 minute into the fight. Pop defences liberally here because chances are you won’t have the boss again. (Depends on raid DPS). You will be dropping a pool so make sure it is not dropped on the flower.

Once the tanks stacks drop then he will taunt off and hold for the rest of the fight.

DPS: Your job is simple and easy. Stand on the flower and DPS. Threat drop as needed. 

Heals: DPS at the start of the fight. Not much damage is going out and you can get a head start on the bosses health. The DPS with taunt will take some damage so be prepared for when he takes the boss. 

HM Video


Hi, I’m Herc and am a GM of <Process>. We decided as a guild at the beginning of this tier to write guides for Dxun to help guilds out. <Process> is a guild merger of <Elitist> and <Provectus> and we are located on Satele Shan. We hope these guides help you progress through Dxun. Thanks!

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