Dxun HM Operation Guide – Breach CI-004: Lights Out

Written and compiled by Herc and <Process>, Edited by Xam Xam.


A Guide to the Breach CI-004: Lights Out (Adds Encounter #1) encounter in The Nature of Progress (Dxun) Operation.

  • Ideal comp: 2 tanks (Powertechs with Right price are exceptional here) 4 DPS (Sniper for Shield/Diversion and Marauder for predation), 2 Healers

Note: any comp will work for this fight, what’s listed above is just what we feel is ideal.


Adds Mechanics

Crimson Stalkers: (255,247 HP) Casts Hydrochloric Pool which leaves the same puddle as on the first boss red. Also slows you when they hit you.

Slow debuff

Rampaging Bull: (1,132,658 HP) Reek that casts the Horns which knocks you back.

Incendiary Shriek: (177,474 HP) Leaves a yellow puddle on the ground when killed which explodes and leaves a nasty dot if you stand too close. Avoid. Flares one-shot these.

Dot debuff

Felshade Hunter: (1,160,968 HP) Stealth add that leaps and knocks you around. When in a flare the hunter is disoriented, does not knock you around and takes up to 30% more damage from all sources by a buff called Blinding light. These adds can be stunned.

Felshade Reaper: (2,249,755 HP) Bigger Felshade Hunter that devours whoever its targeting when not in a flare. Devour chunks tanks and the raid will wipe if this creature isn’t in a flare. When inside a flare they do minimal damage and get the buff Blinding Light, same as Felshade hunter.

Shadow Walker: (511,836 HP) Miniature Nefra that is also affected by blinding light. Casts dismember when not in a flares light. Dismember can be interrupted.

Czerka Warden Enforcer: (4,182,121 HP) They buff each other like some of the trash in gods of the machine. Perfect Optimization Buff. Massively increases all damage dealt by and reduces all damage received. The cast can be interrupted. Must be killed to finish the fight.

Perfect Optimisation Buff

Flares and Stims

Flares are used to negate mechanics from specific adds listed above. Stims are used as a hydraulics (click extra action ability one time) as well as a massive DPS boost for 15 seconds (click extra action ability twice). 3 clicks will kill you.

Encounter Strategy


Tanks pick up all flares. DPS pick up 2 Stims each.

Fight Mechanics

So the idea behind our strategy is to move to each checkpoint as quickly as possible to avoid spawning additional adds.

After you click the panel that starts the fight we kill the Stalkers while one of our tanks goes and picks up the charger at Position 1. Adds will spawn, Shrieks with Stalkers. The tank without the charger taunts all the adds and the tank with the charger throws a flare down killing the shrieks while everyone runs through to the charger and kills it and all the adds. The key here is to not get any stacks from the shrieks while preventing further add spawns.

We head to position 2 with tanks picking up any adds that spawn on the way. Once we get there we pick up the charger and nuke it while the other tank will pick up all the Stalkers that spawn. Once the reek is down we kill all the adds while heading to position 3. Once there we finish off all the remaining adds and kill the droid.

At position 3 we kill the droid. Periodically Shrieks and Stalkers will spawn.  We use flares to kill the shrieks before they get to the group and then we have the DPS switch and kill the stalkers so the tanks can save defensives for later.

Once the droid is dead you click the console. We wait until right after killing an add wave so no adds will spawn behind us.

Once the door is open we sneak by the Charger fighting the two reapers. Don’t do anything. Heals or guards. Just predation and walk by. With some luck, the reapers won’t follow you. If however they do follow you then stop at position ?? and kill them while flares are thrown on them. Head to position 4 where the droid is and kill the droid. Use raid buffs and Dxun Stims to speed up this phase. Adds will spawn, sometimes from multiple areas. Make sure the tank picks them up before they hit the group and that a flare is being used. Once the droid is dead the tank holding the droid will go click the panels that start the roleplay that ends the fight. The tank with the adds will slowly bring adds into the building and kill them while the roleplay is being finished. That’s the fight.

Quick Tips

Tanks: Keep aggro on adds. Kill shrieks with flares. Make sure flares are being used on adds with Felshade Hunters and Reapers.

DPS: If you have an add on you then pop a defensive cooldown. Don’t be close to shrieks when they are flared. DPS while moving. Threat drop on cooldown if adds are up.

Heals: Spot heal anyone who got hit by a shriek debuff. DPS if nobody needs to be healed.



Hi, I’m Herc and am a GM of <Process>. We decided as a guild at the beginning of this tier to write guides for Dxun to help guilds out. <Process> is a guild merger of <Elitist> and <Provectus> and we are located on Satele Shan. We hope these guides help you progress through Dxun. Thanks!

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