Dxun HM Operation Guide – Mutant Trandoshian Squad

Written and compiled by Herc and <Process>, Edited by Xam Xam.


A Guide to the Mutant Trandosian Squad encounter in The Nature of Progress (Dxun) Operation.

  • Ideal Comp: 2 Assassin Tanks, 4 DPS (1 kiter, Mercenary or Sorcerer work the best), 2 healers



  • HP – 8,189,987

Venom of Hissyphus: Cleansable debuff on a player caused by the Envenomed strike.

Envenomed Strike: Hissyphus does this when he reaches 5 stacks of Venom. He will then drop a pool on the player with the highest threat as well as the cleansable debuff on the player with the highest threat.

Caustic Plume: 4 Second Cast that causes Brittle and Damaged Defences as well as periodically radiates damage.

Brittle applies to everyone and causes all sources of kinetic damage to apply one charge of Damaged Defenses.

Damaged defences decrease defence rating against melee and ranged attacks by 3% per stack.

No Escape: Hissyphus will grip you back to him if you get too far away.

  • HP – 5,140,524

Trandoshian Torch: 3-second cast that periodically radiates elemental damage.

Fire Blast: 3-second channel that does a conal of elemental damage up to 40 meters and applies overheat. If you get hit you get knocked back.

Ayhis and Eru: 2-second channel of elemental damage aimed at the kiter.

  • HP – 5,053,397

Endothermic Blast: Periodically dealing elemental damage to targets in a forward cone and apples Blistering Cold. 

Frigid Claws: Applies stacks of Blistering Cold

No Escape: Kronissus will grip you back to him if you get too far away.

  • HP – 9,235,517

The Presence of Titax: Increases the effectiveness of nearby allies.

Titax Strike: 3 Second channel that stuns you and then knocks you in the direction the stun was facing. If you aren’t being knocked into a green tank you will die. Broken tanks will leave an ever-growing pool of acid.

Crush the Weak: 5-second channel where Titax lunges towards the target nearest to death at the end of the channel. It knocks the target back.

No Escape: Titax will grip you back to him if you get too far away.

HM Strategy

To kill these bosses you need to push them to 15% on the train tracks and then run them over with the train. Trains take 45 seconds to spawn after you click the console.

Our kill order for the Trandoshians is Hissyphus, Titax and then Greus and Kronissus together.

Phase 1 – Hissyphus and Greus


On pull, your entire raid minus the kiter will open up on Hissyphus. Raid buffs and adrenals will be used on pull. We usually swap around 5 stacks of Damaged Defenses.  Make sure you keep threat and watch out for puddles that spawn from 5 stacks of Venom. If you have an assassin tank you can shroud as well as force speed to negate damage from this. Do not push Hissyphus past 25%!

Greus Kiting

At pull, your kiting DPS will start on Greus and generate enough threat to hold him. Once aggro is managed then begin DPSing Hissyphus while keeping Greus on the left side of the room. Try to take as little damage as possible from the conals.

Phase 2 – 1 minute in

Immediately have your designated console clicker click the console.

Kronissus spots
Titax Cannisters

9 seconds after Titax spawns he will cast his first Titax Strike. Have one of your tanks hold both Titax and Hissyphus and pop multiple cooldowns and take them over to the first tank. Assassins work best here as they can pre-shroud the cast so you don’t take damage if Hissyphus drops a puddle while you are stunned. This is the single hardest part of the fight. Once the strike is done, take Hissyphus to the tracks and have the DPS push him to 15% so he enters his regenerative state and can be killed.

After Hissyphus has been taken to the tracks and enters his state of regeneration the tank holding Titax needs to immediately go over to the second tank.

All DPS will switch to Titax at this time as well. During this time Titax will cast Crush the Weak. Immediately taunt after he leaps as threat is a bit wonky here. Continue tanking him and getting knocked into canisters. Once Titax is around 35-33%, call for the console clicker to click for the train. Bring Titax to the tracks and then push him into his regenerative state.

During this time the other tank will be on Kronissus keeping his freeze conal away from the group. Using speed boosts and anything to get rid of your stacks of Blistering cold is useful here.

After Titax is dead split DPS on Kronissus and Greus and push them evenly. We don’t have a tank pick up Greus because we feel it’s easier to dodge conals from ranged. Once both are at 35% have your console clicker click the console and bring both to the tracks. Push them both to 15% and you win.


Tanks: Don’t die. Pop defensives when you need to. The tank holding Titax and Hissyphus should blow through defensive cooldowns. Dodge Hissyphus’s puddle if you can.

DPS: Don’t stand in any conals or puddles. Pop defensives during 30 seconds that the tank holds Hissyphus and Titax. Threat drop accordingly.

Healers: Stay in the middle of the room so you are always in the range of everyone. Remember the tank holding Titax and Hissyphus will take a lot of damage for about 30 seconds. DPS at the start of the fight to get a head start on Hissyphus. Cleanse Venom of Hissyphus.

Venom of Hissyphus



Hi, I’m Herc and am a GM of <Process>. We decided as a guild at the beginning of this tier to write guides for Dxun to help guilds out. <Process> is a guild merger of <Elitist> and <Provectus> and we are located on Satele Shan. We hope these guides help you progress through Dxun. Thanks!

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