Alderaan Noble’s Decoration Bundle Preview

Here is a look at all the decorations in the new Alderaan Noble’s Decoration Bundle now available on the Cartel Market.

The Alderaan Noble’s Decoration Bundle Costs – 1,380 Cartel Coins

Here’s a list of all the items in the bundle:

  • 1 Alderaan Grand Chandelier
  • 2 Alderaan Mini-Garden
  • 2 Aristocrat’s Banquet Table
  • 2 Noble’s Curved Couch
  • 1 Alderaan Courtyard Fountain
  • 2 Alderaan Lamppost
  • 1 Alderaan Floor Medallion
  • 1 Alderaan Mosaic Tile
  • 2 Noble House Tapestry

Alderaan Grand Chandelier

Alderaan Mini-Garden

Aristocrat’s Banquet Table

Noble’s Curved Couch

Alderaan Courtyard Fountain

Alderaan Lamppost

Alderaan Floor Medallion

Alderaan Round Mosaic Tile

Noble House Tapestry

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