End-of-year Screenshot Contest and Giveaway!

UPDATE – Judging the entrants.

Some of you may recall that a year ago, I did an Ossus Screenshot Contest. Well this year, I’m doing another Screenshot Contest!

To celebrate the launch of Game Update 6.0, Onslaught, I am doing a massive Contest/Giveaway! All you have to do is submit a screenshot of Onderon or Mek-Sha for a chance to win prizes!

Please read up on all the details, rules and submission info before sending me a Screenshot! 

Screenshot Categories

There are three categories and one special category you can enter.

  • Story Cutscene – Any cutscene screenshot you snagged that is on or shows Onderon or Mek-Sha can be entered into this category. Preferably no subtitles. 
  • Onderon – Enter a screenshot you believe captures the beauty or intrigue of Onderon.
  • Mek-Sha – Enter a screenshot you feel captures the essence of Mek-Sha.
  • 6.0 PTS Exclusive Prize Draw – For those of you who have the Log Mount, take a screenshot on Onderon or Mek-Sha to be entered into a special giveaway!

Submitting your Screenshot

There are a couple of ways you can submit your screenshot. Just be sure you mention that it is for the End-of-Year Screenshot Contest and which category you’re entering. See each method for specifics.

Twitter (Preferred)

You can @ me on Twitter with your screenshot entry using the hashtag #XamXamScreenshotContest and mention the category. You can just use Twitter’s image upload or you can link your screenshot from a photo/picture sharing site eg. Imgur. Just make sure you’re linking to your screenshot! Do separate tweets for each category you enter.

Alternatively, you can DM me your entry, just make sure you mention that it’s for the screenshot contest! (Be sure to be following me on Twitter!)


If you don’t have Twitter, you can PM me on Discord at Xam Xam#5102 again, just make sure you mention the screenshot contest and which category! Feel free to link your screenshot from a photo/picture sharing site eg. Imgur if you prefer.


And if you don’t have Twitter or Discord, you can email me the screenshot at xamxamsays@gmail.com make sure the subject is ‘Ossus Screenshot Contest’. Feel free to link your screenshot from a photo/picture sharing site eg. Imgur if you prefer.


Or you can just comment below and link your screenshot from a photo/picture sharing site eg. Imgur.

  • How many entries? You can enter ONE Screenshot PER category.
  • If you submit a Screenshot on Twitter, you MUST be following me for it to be considered a valid entry!


Prizes will include 30-day Sub-Time Codes, Cartel Coins, Cartel Market Items and Pet Codes (M2-B9 Astromech and Tawn Fawn). Specifics will be finalised within the next week or so!

Category Prizes

Each category will have a winner and runner-up prizes!

  • Category Winner – TBA
  • Second Place – TBA
  • Third Place – 450 CC

Overall Winner

The overall winner will be chosen out of the three category winners. They will receive:

  • TBA

6.0 PTS Exclusive Draw

A special separate draw for those who participated on the PTS. Prizes include 30-day sub time codes, 450 CC Codes and Pet Codes.

Random Drawing

Each person who enters will also be entered into a random drawing for Pet Codes and 450 CC Codes.

Contest Duration

The Contest starts when Game Update Launches on Tuesday 11th December (Wednesday 12th December APAC) and concludes:

  • Monday 20th January 3 pm AEDT / 2 pm AEST (Aussie)
  • Monday 20th January 4 am UTC / 5 am CET (EU)
  • Sunday 19th January 11 pm EST (US East)
  • Sunday 19th January 8 pm PST (US West)

Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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